Chen sucks what happened?

Havent played the game in a while. I used to enjoy playing Chen a lot, he was one of my fav tanks. He wasn’t really viable if the team had a few stuns but other than that he was still viable in some occasions.

Now he’s a bruiser, Im not sure how they decided to make him a bruiser. He has always been more of a tank.
And being a bruiser now he still has more of a tanking ability set but it is just crappier than it used to be.
It seems like his tanking abilities were nerfed to make him a bruiser but he’s not technically a bruiser because he has weak dmg due to his abilities resembling more a tank, so what the heck blizz?

Is he a tank or is he a bruiser? Decide one. Because if he is gonna be a bruiser all his abilities need to be redone completely.

If he is gonna be a tank give him some more peeling abilities, such as… make his flying kick a stun or rooting ability, make his keg smash get enemy players characters intoxicated so they have a chance of missing friendly party members. Or in other words make him a strong tank against basic attack comps with tychus/raynor etc.

Get rid of the stupid fortifying brew trait and make stagger his main trait, rework stagger to make him drink brews to make all dmg against him become a DOT. And also give him drunken brawler so basic attacks against him have a chance of missing like he had in w3.

He is actually fine now and better than he was before the rework. You just need to get used to him.

I am glad to see some changes proposed for Chen as I believe some are due.

The thing is he is a much more viable hero after the rework. It is much easier to win with him now. But like you, I enjoyed him alot more pre-rework. He was my main pre, and is still my main post rework.

Tank vs bruiser, his BOF and accumulating do higher damage than before. His attack is slightly weaker, but you have eye of the tiger at one, so not really. He does bruiser damage now. To be a tank, you would likely need to increase health, lower damage, add a peel like you said. IMO he was less tanky before.

Highly mobile game vs hero that has to stop and recharge to use skills. In the right player’s hands he does well, but the skill cap vs the reward is extreme and many other champs do what he does a lot better and a lot easier.