Can't see or invite friends


Any time I get into HotS I am unable to see my friends who are in the game. They can invite me, but I cannot invite them unless they log in after me and I see the chat prompt with an invitation link. This problem has persisted for a couple months now and I have been unable to find any fixes thus far.

Any advice to fix this issue?


Hey Sticks,

You may want to try a Repair on HotS. It may also be helpful to close the Blizzard app and delete the temporary files.


having the same issue, have reinstalled the game twice, deleted bnet folder multiple times, multiple repairs but I’m at a loss. I see friends when I tab out and look at friends list but in game it doesn’t show them at all and they have to invite me to play. /boggle


Does this only happen with a particular friend, or all friends? Have you checked to ensure they are not set to “Appear as offline” in their app’s settings menu?


All friends and yes I’ve verified and tested with my girlfriend.


If I whisper them and talk to them then I can click on the name in the chat window and invite but they do NOT appear in the + window where you normally click to invite friends.