Cant play the game

Game opens and gets to authentication and closes my game and gives me an error but cant find any fixes online. says game files are messed up but i can log on to a fresh account and open the game

I also have been having this issue!

I get to the authentication screen and then it cuts out.

The error message says there are damaged files. but when i do a scan & repair it says that everything is fine…very fustrating.

I have tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling to no avail as well…

Hello CptScum & Volibearable,

Please try the steps in this article:
Files in your Heroes of the Storm Installation are Damaged

Volibearable, I noticed you said you tried Scan & Repair. Do try the steps for OneDrive as it does interfere with Heroes as it syncs the Documents folder, causing issues with the Heroes setting file located within.

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