Cannot open the game

Recently I’ve been trying to open the game but it says “some files are corrupt or damaged” (smth like that). I attempted scan and repair multiple times, results were the same. I even went to the point I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing, but again the same. Is there any other way?
(Other games work, HoTS is the only one that doesn’t open)

Hey there N16HTM4R3,

A lot of times that error is due to OneDrive syncing the Heroes of the Storm folder or Documents folder. Making sure it’s not syncing is a good first step, with info from Microsoft here.

If that doesn’t help, then let’s see if permissions are a problem for the folder as we did see it affect other players with starting the game before. Steps for that are:

  1. Navigate to your Documents Folder
  2. Right click on Heroes of the Storm and go to the Security tab
  3. Click Edit
  4. Ensure that “Full Control” is checked for your user account and the Administrators group
  5. Click OK to save any permission changes

Lastly if neither of those helped, let’s see if creating and switching to a new Administrator Account helps. This sets many settings to defaults and also helps with permission problems, so can be useful to do even if you’re using an admin account already.

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