Cannot change hotkey profiles or modify existing ones

Anyone else unable to modify, switch or delete hotkey profiles? I was modifying one I had set years ago, but it forced me to save it as a new profile and now I am stuck using the default. I can select other hotkey profiles but they are all the default, no changes saved and the options to delete, save & rename are blanked.

If I click on a pre-existing hotkey profile (it now only differs by name alone) and accept, it also returns to the default profile.

Any advice/help/fixes would be appreciated.



same here.

i cant change my hotkeys. i also cant create a hotkey file. And i cant even select the folder icon next to it to be able import a hotkey file.

i cant quickcast any more because of this.

can somebody help me?

sinsirly Frank

I think this may help guys, it also affects not changing things and the cinematic popping up. Replays not showing up - Technical Support - Heroes of the Storm Forums
It may be a little confusing but dont forget all that squiggly symbol before the /library since I got confused at a while when it did not show up.
Also check the game files itself and make sure u have read and write for heroes of the storm I am not sure about other game files though.