Can you please fix MM

Guys can you please fix match making on QM and ARAM games. Its pretty unplayable when u get counters or some stupid compositions. Like Cho Gal and DW in 1 team, when u have no healer and playing as Tracer. Or u pick Sylvanas and u got Valera + Nova + Zeratul against you.

Maybe just force teams to wait longer, but at least make compositions more sense flexible. Force that in every team should be 1 heal + tank.

At this moment it is getting more and more ridicolous. 1 team got butcher, other team got 4 squishy targets.
Why Kharazim and Uther are considered as frontlaners. U pick uther, have no other melee, enemy team got Artanis and IMperius. Rly its annoying and making ppl angry.

So lets start with aram first. You want a mode that random in design to be balanced? That is never gonna happen. Its a random game mode on purpose. There is no way to balance it if they wanted to and its not ment to be.

QM is about the same. Its a mode where you are to get a quick match started, If you want a balanced match then you go to ranked or unranked. These two modes are never gonna be balanced and well yeah.

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The moment you try to balance qm to create these “Fair” Matches. You are gonna end up with 10-20min wait times for a single match then everyone gonna be complaining that quick match takes to long and its not quick and blah blah blah.

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U are wasting much more times, playing games with unsatisfied ppl, who after 2 deaths go afk… coz they blame MM :slight_smile: . So maybe better wait

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You will always get those people no matter what the system is. I get them in ranked saying our team comp is bad its gg and then they afk.

So you can wait 20minutes to get a afk if you like but it wont happen. Then again blizzard is done with this game so no big changes ever coming