Blue screen after new windows update 1903

Hello There

Today i updated to new version of windows 1903. After the update i cant open heroes of the storm without getting a bsod. Every other game seems its working fine so far.
Could you please advise?

Try Resetting In-Game Options

Otherwise, post DxDiag as per this post Performance/Stuttering Troubleshooting - #4 by Ibaraius
Enclose the results with ~~~ like this:
DsDiag results

The DxDiag files, Fuschia recommended, should help with checking for the specific blue screens appearing and their parameters to help see what may be causing the blue screens.

While there may be some recommendations that can be provided as a suggestion, keep in mind that BlueScreens are not caused by a Blizzard Product and will need to be referred to a local technician. This is going to be caused by a poor or specific interaction with corrupted windows/kernel, even hardware or driver issues can cause these specific crashes with one application. Our blue screen article here provides some basic steps that can help.