Beginning of Year Review

Hey whats up? 2023 End-Of-Year Review by Mike Ybarra was just posted and I think it would be cool to get all kinds of deep dive stats into the playerbase of HOTS.

My friends and I usually play ARAM and its almost insta-queue wait times, yet storm league can often have 10 minute plus wait times. Quickmatch being somewhere in the middle. Steam provides Online statistics; I’m interested in how much the bew Blizzard would be willing to show.

I’m with u, i really think game is not as dead as they say.
I also noticed queue is no longer in any mode, i am excited if they consider to bring it back with new content in the future.

I don’t find myself often waiting in a queue for storm league longer than a minute unless it’s between 3 and 6 am.

I mainly solo queue so granted if you are a group it’s probably a bit different.