Available maps in vs AI mode


Same here too. Spiders - Shrines - Warhead - Garden.


Today my map rotation has changed to Sky Temple - Towers of Doom - Blackhearts Bay - Battlefield of Eternety.

Still a 4 map rotation though.


Two weeks ago i experienced a strange… anomaly; for a couple of days the maps changed from the same 4-rotation to random-rotation, so i thought the bug was solved. Unfortunately, the rotation went back to the “normal 4” (volskaya, battlefield, braxis, gardens). Then this monday it changed again (spiders, shrines, warhead, gardens)… well, it was nearly perfect since these are my favourites (with Dragon Shire) :smile:
Now, with yesterday’s latest patch, the maps changed again to Sky Temple, towers, Blackhearts & battlefield :frowning: … also, battlefield appears to be still broken (enemies ai still surround the immortal and i can freely go to the core) :roll_eyes:


Exactly the same as me. I too experienced the “anomaly” and since then I’ve had the exact same maps as you. And my AI’s are also still intent on defending their own immortal, despite the patch notes claiming they “now have a better understanding of when to attack”… :confused:


In response to this:

I almost always play with AI’s only. So no other human players are involved.

Shouldn’t there be a blue post here about this also?


Hey Elyxia!
That is a great idea. As mentioned in the other thread, while I have nothing to announce at this moment, we are aware of this issue and looking to find the root cause of this issue to identify a fix that is comprehensive and is safe for everyone.

If you have this issue happen to you, please make sure to include answers to the questions below as this information is crucial for us to help narrow down a root cause.

  • Were you playing VS AI with AI Teammates or Coop (with other human players)?
  • Are you playing with a group of friends? If so, do you always play with the same people?

I will continue to check into this thread (and the forums as a whole) and will update you all once I know anything new.


Although at first it does appear like it affects everyone, it’s not the case. This can be checked easily by playing games with 9 AI. Groups have nothing to do with it, except in the sense that if one player if affected, rest of the group will be forced to play “the same rotation” to accommodate that one player. This is the same case for random queue games as with premades.

Different users experience different map limitations which change on the fly at a somewhat regular interval (new brawl, new patch, new hero rotation???), but noone is sure if it is based on player level or a specific day in the week.


To further explain our reasoning behind the questions I posted, GriM, our current understanding of this issue is that this is caused by people who (almost exclusively or exclusively) play VS AI with AI teammates OR people who play VS AI with the same group of people, causing all the players in the game to fall into the same map pool.

The data we are looking for is trying to see if this issue can happen to players that frequently play with other, random, human players. Due to how the map is chosen, if you do not play with other humans, you can fall in to a rotation of maps that will also be changed up when a new patch is deployed. Since the system for choosing a map is built on systems that have systems built on it, we want to make sure we are 100% correct in this assumption before touching it, as rushing to make a fix without that information could make even more issues.

If you are affected by this, this could be tested by playing a couple matches of VS AI with other players either via finding new friends in client or playing VS AI not with AI Teammates. After a handful of matches, you can return to VS AI with AI teammates and should see a different map rotation.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience with us while we gather this data and look to find a solution that works best for everyone!



sorry I was a bit unclear,

if you feel like you are getting same 4 maps in COOP vs AI, try launching a 9 AI game and if you get a map that differs from those same four you’ve been experiencing at a given day, you are not directly affected by the problem

if you keep remaking any kind of AI game (after forcefully quitting early), you will keep getting the same map you just quit, until you complete it - you may try switching a hero and you should get a different map in that case

this is from my experience at least, one day it seems like I’m stuck with the same four maps and the day after I’ll be playing 5, if not many more maps, depending on who I end up in a game with

but I don’t play vs AI consistently or exclusively, like many others sometimes when I don’t have much free time, I try to knock out three daily quests with zero effort fast games while I’m drinking my morning coffee


I play with AI teammates and Co-op, solo and in parties. I have yet to see the map pool ‘reset’ by playing co-op, then returning to 1v9, if that’s helpful. Sickroom summarized the symptoms very accurately. I do notice that playing Co-op yields a larger map pool, and I agree with his assertion that whatever determines the map choice seems to attempt to accommodate each player’s map pool. I’ll try to do some more testing over the weekend. It’ll have to start by finding someone who isn’t experiencing this limited pool.

Also- Thank you! for your attention to this problem. I was disheartened when I found this thread seemingly abandoned, so this is a welcome development.

Also also, for the record- my last 7 games, 1v9 vs ai, have been Alterac, Sky Temple, Towers of Doom, Spider Queen, Alterac, Sky Temple, Towers of Doom.


A guildy by name of Jaewyn, provided me the following information;

"Jaewyn: Played 7 games and started an 8th vs AI with AI teammates. It seems to repeat four maps in order.

  1. Alterac Pass
  2. Tomb of the Spider Queen
  3. Towers of Doom
  4. Sky Temple
  5. Alterac Pass
  6. Tomb of the Spider Queen
  7. Towers of Doom
  8. Sky Temple"


that’s great information, if she is experiencing the problem solo no doubt it will carry over to others in CO-OP AI.

but what is their level, how often does s/he play, is this the first time she noticed a limited map rotation, do they play outside of AI modes?

I did some testing with full AI teams and I seem to be affected by this problem again, fixed order of 4 maps that keep repeating.

Sky Temple, Towers, Blackheart, Battlefield - played up to 10th game to see if it was just unlucky chance but it started repeating again in specific order (saturday 20th, EU server).

Did a co-op after that and the first map was different from the four I got by playing alone, which is inconsistent with my previous experiences. I expected to get one of those 4 and tie other teammates down with my map pool.


played 7 more AI games in co-op and they were all on different maps, I can’t explain what’s going on, in all previous testing limitation was in co-op while in full AI mode there was a full map rotation - now it is complete opposite.


4 map rotation here too. 32 games.
Sky Temple
Towers of Doom
Blackheart’s Bay
Battlefield of Eternity
-: repeat :-

2 days of AI battles, sometimes with my human partner, sometimes by myself, always with/against AI.

I/we use different heroes, we play at different times of each day, always with the same network.

We have uninstalled HotS, and reinstalled.

The previous 4 map rotation was ST, BH, BoE, GoT - this lasted about 80 games. Same above circumstances.


I did my own personal tests too, and like everyone else, same 4 map pool in repeating order.

  1. Sky Temple
  2. Towers of Doom
  3. Tomb of the Spider Queen
  4. Alterac Pass

I’m on the US servers


This is what I have at the moment too.
Solo vs AI


Thank you for posting! It helps us feel like we’re not being ignored, and that the issue is being investigated.

Even posting to report that there’s nothing to report is appreciated :smile:


Not sure if this will help or not.

I constantly play AI team mates, ether with myself or up to 2 other friends. We have all had the same 4 map rotation for around the last 2 weeks.
We jumped on Brawl 2 days ago to give ourselves a break from the repeated maps. None of us are competitive and Brawl isn’t something we enjoyed (due to the competitive nature and human showmanship), however the different maps was a relief.
I attempted the suggested idea of choosing vs AI and started the matchmaking process and indeed I was placed in a different map from my standard 4. After playing a match I returned to my AI Team mates only to be placed back into the 4 map rotation I’ve had for the last 2 weeks.

On a side note I’m so glad I’m not the only one with bugged AI hugging there Gods and leaving there cores wide open.


I play with my husband vs AI with AI team mates. Had the same four maps for what feels live forever. I tried playing a Coop AI game by myself and got a different map. Partied with my husband again, same four maps as before. I really hope this issue gets fixed soon!


I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for being unable to fix a bug 6 months old now, this game clearly has the technical A team on it that’s for sure, it’s a complete mystery why it died competitively before it even got off the ground


Well…after half year break i tried to play again…6 games vs AI, all 6 games - Sky Temple… Why Blizzard cant add all maps to rotation with bots? Its not even Quick Game, its not a ranked. Whats the problem? Why am i get the same god damn map 6 times in a row? Very upset with this situation…
P.s. Sorry bor bad English, its not my mother tongue.