Authentication time out


Is anyone stuck or keep on getting time out at Authentication while loading into the game ?


game is still under maintenance until 9am PST like the launcher says.

here is a timezone clock to show when that is.,300,b8jj


Thanks bruh! I thought it was over since I went to check on the twitter xD


Well as I ca n see now PST is 17:31 so the game should be up now right ? Because this it is still showing the maintenance mode for me. Please correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:


it says on support>breaking news that maintenance lasts until 03:00 CET …


Appears they are starting to overshoot. As of posting this it has past 3 AM CET (2 AM GMT) and the servers are still down.


It’s back up now all :slight_smile:


Can confirm. Friends are starting to pour in :slight_smile:


its been up for a long time on NA which is something you have to consider on these posts.

however, if i remember next time someone asks maybe i will post separate timzones for NA and EU. you can look down the list for CET yourself if you ever need to and adjust the time as well.


Hey everyone,

We are seeing more reports on this, I will be updating the following forum if I get any updates for ya’ll

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