Australia/New Zealand - High Latency or Connecting to Wrong Servers since 2/Jul/2019

Now imagine a world where they posted about this to the their playerbase instead of making people have to come find the problem.


That was exactly what I said to support.

Along the lines of:

‘You have spend far more time talking to one player than it would take to post the same commentary on the official forums’


“Understand we are looking into it right now and rest assured we will communicate to the players as soon as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.”

To be fair they did post above, its just so light on details and 12 hours ago that makes it feel like they have forgotten…

Blizzard CS - The Americas ‏Verified account @ BlizzardCS 8h8 hours ago


[ # Overwatch # Xbox ] We are currently investigating reports of connection issues and LC-202 errors. We’ve got top scientist on the case!"

Cause you know, clearly these 2 issues are completely different and that it’s far beyond them to post something similar saying they’re aware of issues with OCE servers and are looking into it…

Blizzard Customer Service really is just plain garbage.

“as soon as possible” cause having an issue effect 2 games going on two days is clearly not nearly enough time to post something…

The problem isn’t them posting above, the problem is you have to go to their forums, find the post to find the issue when many other issues they’re aware of go onto their social media so people don’t have to go find a problem that is only posted about by the players affected.

“We’re aware of issues causing x on Oceanic realms and are currently investigating. Your patience is appreciated”

and post. Oh look, congrats Blizzard CS Twitter, in under 30 seconds you’ve actually got some sort of trust back from the Oceanic player base you constantly ignore. But yeah Blizzard CS, instead one blue poster about traceRTs or some crap in a thread is what you should do instead.


I’ve been having the same problems for the past two days. Connection issue continues. I am in NZ.

Yup. I’ve been dealing with the same issue since the start. I found however that switching to 4g via my phone solved the issue. I can get games now without the error message (although 9 in 10 do not go through due to a player disconnecting).

It’s been like this for a couple of days now. Also linking the post in Oceanic forums.

I’m guessing it’s still haven’t resolved. I have three days remaining on my booster and it’s going to waste because I simply couldn’t connect to play, even with just AI :frowning:


Try connecting using a phone via 4G, either hotspot or tethering. Gaming uses about 30mB per hour so it shouldn’t cost you too much data.

Set your region to singapore, you’ll b eable to play, just with a bit of lag.

I will mention it works with my mobile setup as hot spot. So could it have something to with the ISP

Yeah I’m not playing on Singapore server. Too much lag to be enjoyable imo. I hope this is fixed soon because honestly the players are already low and this is killing my enthusiasm for the game fast. Not as much as games on asian servers tho.

I will add that in the last week or two I have had issues with the game not letting me queue or select a hero until at least one relaunch. Not sure if related or if anyone else was experiencing this.

Same issue I’ve had for 3 days. So glad to see its not just me especially since i did all of the usual networking troubleshooting and even a fresh install. Hope its back soon

Same here - ANZ servers down

Still not fixed. 2 days down.

Played HL on us west with 200+ ping.
Streaming was on the agenda as an avid blizzard fan boy however with this…
who knows.
also lost 6 games out of 7 but u know at least I was playing.

How are they going to live through this for a game that’s already struggling to survive only by hanging onto hardcore fans?
Are we doing the right thing posting to blizzard? should we contact activision instead?

I’m not sure if it’s relevant but the traceroute listing for AUS lists 137.221.85.# as the 8th or 9th hop. While the first 7-8 hops are in Australia, or NZ for InfamousFTW, the final 3 hops are in Amsterdam according to a couple of different IP lookup tools. Why on Earth is Blizzard redirecting AUS traffic to the European region? Aren’t Europe, Asia, and America all completely different and incompatible environments? (Australia is part of America for gaming purposes, as is Singapore). Might this be part of the problem? Just a random thought - it’s entirely possible that the IP location info isn’t accurate but not being a Blizzard employee … :slight_smile:

Good observation, and further supports my theory that they’re dropping Australian servers.

Why are people so negative. You need to have a break bud maybe go do something else. They are working on it and its fixed when its fixed.

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You realise Set this also a problem for OW right? They aren’t dropping OW servers any time soon. Maybe you should stop talking nonsense for no reason yeah?

And even with the 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance they are dropping them, they’d be redirecting traffic to the US not EU, you know, the Americas, the region we’re in…