Attempted to connect to invalid server

Just installed the game upon launch i get a popup after Authenticating Wheel saying “you have attmepted to connect to an invalid server if the problem persist conact customer support”. i have performed multiple scan and repairs no issues found, and reinstalled the game multiple times. also google serached this topic and form questions exists in google but links no longer exists in this forum

Hey there,

It sounds like there’s a configuration issue somewhere that’s causing you to connect to the wrong server IP / host address. Lets try a few things and see if these work:

  1. Delete the Blizzard cache folder then restart the app and try the game again.
  2. Check the Windows hosts file to make sure there’s been no modifications there.
  3. Try resetting the Windows firewall to defaults

Hopefully that will clear it up. If you’re still having issues perhaps try switching to a different Region and see if you can log into another region successfully, then switch back.

Hi, I have the same issue but I am on a mac so I don’t think those solutions work for me. Is there anything else I could try?

Any workaround, run into same issues on 2022.11. Take more time on this, blizzard.