Artanis Rework Idea

Hello there !

I’m new on the forum, yet I wanted to share a Rework Idea on one of my main Hero.

Artanis is one of my favourite Heroes but he is not really competitive, so the idea behind this rework is to give him more toosl to be impactful and fun in the game, just like the dev are trying to do with the latest patches. The rework might no be balanced, it’s quite hard to adjuste without playing it.



(A nerfed version of Protector of Aiur?)

Twin Blades [W]
Additional functionality :

  • Twin Blades attacks deal 50% bonus damage to non-Heroes.

  • Quest: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase Twin Blades’ charge range by .1%. Takedowns grant 1% bonus range and hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism (E) grants 5% bonus range. Up to 75%.

Phase Prism [E]
Additional functionality :

  • Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism grants 15 Armor for 1.5 seconds, reduce its cooldown by 50% and refund half its mana cost.

Shield Overload [D]
Additional functionality :

  • Can now be activated to consume the shield and deal damage around Artanis equal to 50% of its current amount. Radius: 3.5


Level 1

  • Amateur opponent and Protector of Aiur removed

Reactive Parry [W]

New functionality: dealing damage to enemy Heroes grants 50 Physical Shield up to 250.

  • Quest: Block heroic damage with your shield.
  • Reward: Upon reaching 15000 blocked damage, grant Swift Movement
  • Swift Movement: Allow to dash forward. Basic Attacks against Heroes reduce its cooldown by .5sec. CD: 45sec. Range: 3

Solarite Reaper [Q]

Moved from level 7
New functionality: Increases the damage of the first dash of Blade Dash by 50%.

  • Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Blade Dash increases the damage of the first dash by 2%, up to 50%.
  • Reward: After reaching 50% bonus damage, increase the damage of the first dash by another 50%.
  • Passive: Hitting an enemy Heroes with Phase Prism, while Blade Dash is active, increases its damage by 200%.

Final Cut [Passive]

Moved from level 7

  • After using an Ability, your next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 60% more damage. When under 50% health, this bonus is increased to 70%. This bonus is double against non-Heroes. Stores up to 2 charges.

Level 4


Psionic Synergy [E]

  • New functionality: Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism now grants 40 armor for 5 seconds. Also increase the Unstoppable effect duration by .5 seconds. Furthermore, when used while Blade Dash is active, also grant 15% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Shield Battery [Q]

  • New functionality: Shield Overload’s cooldown reduction of Blade Dash is 50% more effective.
  • Passive: Shield Overload’s cooldown recharges 125% faster while active.

Shield Surge [Trait]

  • New functionality: Increases Shield Overload’s Shields by 35% when under 50% health and to 75% when under 25% health.
    Passive: Increase Shield Overload explosion damage by 15%

Level 7

  • Solarite Reaperand Final Cut moved to level 1.

Templar’s Zeal [Q]

Moved from level 13

  • Cooldown reduction reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.

(New) Resurgence [D]

  • Being Stunned or Rooted grants Artanis a 385 Shield for 5 seconds and knock back enemy near him. This effect has a 60 seconds cooldown.

  • Passive: Shield Overload explosion now only consumes half of the Shield.

Level 10


Purifier Beam [R2]
New functionality:

  • Vector Targeting. After 0.75 second, an orbital beam hit a wide area over 1.25 seconds dealing 600 damage. Unlimited range. Store up to 2 charges. There is a 10 seconds cooldown between uses.
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds
  • Mana cost: 65
  • Area of Effect: Rectangle
  • Width: 3.5
  • Height: 16
    (A little bit bigger than Mei’s Wall)

Level 13

  • Templar’s Zeal moved to level 7

Graviton Vortex [E]

  • New functionality: Reduce the Mana cost of Phase Prism from 50 to 25. Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism now reduces its cooldown by 75%. Successfully landing successive Phase Prism increases its damage by 50% each time, bonus lost when missed.
  • Passive: Basic Attacks reduce Phase Prism cooldown by .5 seconds.

Level 20

  • Zealot Charge removed

Target Purified [R2]

  • Reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds by enemy Heroes hit. Takedown refreshes its cooldown.

Dramatic entrance [Active]

  • Can be activated to teleport yourself where you cast your last ultimate for 4 seconds after casting it. 80 seconds cooldown. (Cast time: 1.5 seconds.)

Feel free to comment the rework and correct my english if needed!


I like your idea’s but at the same time its too strong, I don’t see anything to compensate for the massive buffs

Just to mention a few

Activateable blade dash gives insane mobility
100% bonus to non heroes can solo bosses
Shield that triggers at 100% is too strong without a nerf


Hi welcome! I personally would give time for the Artanis changes time to show their power before we suggest any Rework.
He got extra range on his gapcloser and baseline Unstoppable.


Thanks for your comment !

Yep it’s probably way too strong, but I really like the idea of increasing his mobility.
Being able to cancel his dash might make him more unpredictable, even tho it’s every 60 or 90 sec.

Now that you say it, I agree that bonus damage and Shield triggers are too strong.

Yeah I know ! I have thoses ideas for a long time now, I just took the time to write about it and wanted to share ! I’m happy to see devs trying to make him more interesting.

I could definitely find benefit in canceling the dash, since it’s an effective means of escape. Although Artanis is a bit tankier for a brawler I do find him fun to play.

I think the heroic abilities could use an improvement in casted time.

Never going to happen. You’re basically giving a blink to a high HP character. Blade dash goes through obstacles.

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Actually its unconventional for a bruiser, hence I love it. Maybe make the CD longer, OR strap it into a 40/45 sec CD activatable that reduces Ws range by 30%.

Actually no I love it. It breaks the rules of hero design which is exactly what makes the game fun

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I don’t think any other solo laner is going to love a guy with shields having a blink lol.

Bro he is in need of a few adjustments to get back to the meta, and one blink vault every 45 seconds on a 30% reduced range, with the mana and CD of W consumed I really think it wont be that bad because it may only save him 30% of the time.

Besides we have total freedom to adjust any of the numbers. Do u have any suggestion? ^^


Well, my last suggestion was to raise the range of his W, but they did that already.

Maybe have his shield automatically activate when he flips someone, even if he’s at 100%.

30s cancel cool down on Q might still be a tad too strong. Maybe it could be a talent instead or locked behind a level or quest. It seems like a massive power budget since he effectively has a teleport.

I think he’ll need a lot of number nerfs especially in his base stats, simply because of the amount of baked in buffs you’re giving him.

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I think it may be difficult to reach 100 ifit caps at 50 :sweat_smile:.

Two things , this talent vastly outshine the others.
Also , this quite the power spike cokpared to its current talent . i haven’t finished reading but this look way too strong specially after all bonus are unlocked.

This is interesting . i like how the amount varries with the HP. :+1:

I like this but the CD would need to be much higher because it could easily be abused with little consequences since its only restriction is tied to the ult location.

Overall . i like the originality you went on this one ! Im super surprised of how well formated everything is on your first post of all thing !

For the rework itself , it looks like Artanis would have a significant buff in overall stats but no clear weakness.
Hes got speed , unstoppabable , AA damage , spell damage , armor , shields. Burst damage , sustained damage ect…

Being able to have a few of these together is fine , but he seems to be able to have many of them all at once.

He could likely run through the enemy team , kill one and leave will moderate danger to himself at most. Rinse , repeat.

Overall good job !
But some talents would need to be adjusted in numbers :+1:


He is actually in a really strong place after the last round of buffs, the changes to his E really makes a big difference. Giving him all those extra buffs would just break him, especially being able to cancel Q, unless you made the CD so high and the range so short to not be worth it. The biggest problem is then he could use Q offensively, and having a bruiser with the HP of a tank being able to blink where he wants is just insane.

You thought having a Zeratul chasing you was bad…


Thanks to all of you for sharing your opinion !

I nerfed the Blade Dash cancel, increasing its cooldown to 60 seconds and stuning yourself for 0.5sec, might no be enought tho.

I also reduced bonus damage of Twin Bades against non-heroes target

I changed it to make it more understandable.

I nerfed it too ! Final cut deal less damage.

Increased its cooldown to 80sec, is that enought ?

Thanks again ! I spent quite a lot of time on it ! I see the problem and going to try to fix it !

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well my idea was just a 2.45 range vault every 45 seconds is it really that bad? :cold_sweat:

( this is the only thing i want to add to artanis to be honest. its main usage will be to dodge abilities like hook or something like that, like a real zealot ya know )

Swap someone. You are then Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds, and you get to kill the enemy you swapped! People are really underestimating the two changes to his E in terms of his survivability and stickiness. I went up against a Deathwing, and since he has no way of avoiding swaps, he couldn’t use most of his kit against me. Sure, he doesn’t move when I swap, but it means I have a consistent gap closer, and those swaps count for the Unstoppable.

“Oh, you are winding up your fear? It would be a shame if I could stay on top of you the entire time!”


Unless you would tone other stuff this rework is simply buff idea. I also think Artanis needs adjustment (like meme PoA being baseline - since baseline a 50% nerf to it apply and change of follow through - must be at least as good as Gazlowe version) but your base suggestion means he have PoA and half of AO on start and other talent you gave are mostly buffed version of current talents.


hey ! don’t involve my Zeratul in there ! :shushing_face:

with something like a global teleport, it could be worthy of its own ult/like cooldown .
80 would seems reasonable on this .


Thanks for sharing your opinion. I’m going to work on some ajustment to make it more realistic.

You seems to know Artanis better than I do, do you have any idea to make him more competitive?

And does anyone know if he was draft in E-sport competition? I didn’t follow e-sport for the last few month.

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It kind of depends on what you mean by competitive. The vast majority of the player base isn’t at any sort of competitive level, and he is certainly viable at most ranks. Since the last change, he is being played a lot more in the high ranks, and his win rate and popularity across all leagues is very strong. He is actually at the same win rate as Hogger at the moment, and is picked three times as often.

With that said, there are bruisers that are far more valuable in coordinated, top tier play. This is due more to their utility than survivability. Blaze and Yrel are probably the two most contested bruisers in the competitive scene, and Leoric is seen frequently. What they bring to the table that Artanis does not is reliable and consistent CC, as well as ways to protect their more vulnerable team mates. Outside of Suppression Pulse, Artanis depends on Phase Prism to engage, peel, and set up kills. At higher ranks, this simply isn’t reliable enough.

However, given how strong he is in the things he is good at, primarily single-target damage, giving him too much utility would give him too much overall power, and making E easier to land would make him oppressive in lower ranks. You would have to nerf his base damage if you gave him new toys, and that kind of negates why you draft him in the first place.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more buffs to his survivability, primarily focused around his trait, such as a talent that automatically resets his shield CD when he is stunned or rooted, with a decently long internal CDR.

I will absolutely draft him if the comps and map work in his favor, and that is kind of the key, you need to play him into favorable conditions, more than most heroes, as he is still relatively easy to counter. One of the reasons my win rate on him is relatively high is because I know his weaknesses as well as his strengths, and avoid picking him into unfavorable situations.

There are a number of high rank players who draft him in Master+ games. Liam is my favorite to watch, as he is just that good on the hero.

Cow Attack has been drafting him in the X-Cup, but I wouldn’t call him meta just yet.

Warning: Khaldor is … not a fan.