Apple M1 Macs- Invisible ground effects - impossible to play


I make this thread to attract you attention on this one

Here are my Macs specs :
| Nom du modèle : MacBook Air|
| Identifiant du modèle : MacBookAir 10,1|
| Puce : Apple M1
| Nombre total de cœurs : 8 (4 performance et 4 efficacité)|
| Mémoire : 16 Go|

This issue makes the game impossible to play, (ie. cant see Malfurion’s roots capacity on the ground and all other ground effects) some players from the thread above are stoping playing HOTS for this reason.

Please consider, as this lasts for server years now and all Macs are switching to M1 procs.


The issue is already known for years. It doesn’t seem like anyone is working on the Mac client anymore.

This is why I no longer play HotS on my Macbook. But a PC.

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Ive been playing like this since day 1 M1 was released, just get gud m9.

I have M1 Max 64 GB and it runs flawlessly. But the Ability indicators are gone. If you think getting good can fix this, then you’re delusional and a troll.


Im not, i have been playing on the m1 since the day it was released.

The only real problem the m1 bug has caused me is that the immortals little circular stuns are completely invisible and so, i cant throw my enemies into them with garrosh anymore.

While it doesn’t make the game unplayable… it definitely nerfs your ability to be competitive a little bit. Theres the immortals issue… theres’s blazes’ oil, SGT Hammer’s Napalm, Malfurion’s roots, and many more things you either like to avoid or put to good use!

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