Anyone noticing tons of smurf SIM 3 Stacks?

With 70%+ winrates ruining lobbies?

Some EU pros duoing here too.

Low Diamond must be hell for these pros tobuave to mass smurf group to rank up here

Its happening in all ranks and i am getting tired of it. Dont get why blizzard wants to match premades vs randoms first of all and secondly just go play your main. I dont get what is so fun about playing against people not even close to your skill level.

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yup, doing it right now, hope we meet :smiley:

Normal since beta.,…

Well I have been on both sides with and with out smurfs. 70% is against a5 man gm, it seems but it’s a free dead game, so you live with it. I play with bronze to masters, in my friends group for ranked and qm, I see all sorts of craziness in ranked these days.

Becasue easy wins is the only thing they care about. They refuse to join tournements and play againts better players and can only win againts QM teams full of zombies while hiding behind a try hard stun luck comp.

Lmao just friend some people when you see they are good