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If tassadar gets reworked. What do you want to see?

What is the perfect comp for a medivh?
Also do you think Kazma should think higher of himself when he says he is bronze

  • 1 sustained Healer
  • 1 solid Tank
  • 1 secondary frontline with nice dmg
  • 1 burst/finisher Ranged Assassin

Example would be:
Malf, ETC, Xul, Tracer.

Yes, his KT is good enough for Gold or Plat and his (over) PvE mentallity would help him a lot to climb out from the lowest ranks.

Actually i’m an ai player.
I played 3 match in ranked. I have never played in unranked. In qm less then 10 match before karabars made this tournament.
Dosen’t really matter what’s my rank is it. It’s just a title to me.
You can asking from me question too.
Could you inv me with your main? If you don’t loggin in this smurf, then i can’t inv you in qm.

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My dude told this too… Min gold probably plat but perhaps diamond. 100% not master.


More shield talents, buffs, effects, etc.
Be able to be more dmg dealer or support, depending from talents.
Arhon rework, buff.
I don’t want AA Tassadar.
Carrier ult.
And that’s not all, I can write a lot, but those are good to be mentioned.

What couple do you like the most here?

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Hmmm… ?

i’m waiting.

I cant for a couple of reasons
I want to impress people with my words and cunning not with a flashy card
Also I have a lot of friends on bnet. On anabanana I have peace and calm. Anyone can add me on anabanana
But on my main everyone I added still want to play with me. I have around 18 players who want to play with me on a daily bases. A lot of whispers and game invites. Also the message. Hey you still had space. Why didnt you wait. So know why I am like. Nha lets avoid my main :stuck_out_tongue:
All I want is to have a relaxing experience
Most of them want to play only ranked anyway and dont enjoy games. They just want to win. So not a relaxing experience.

Personally I think gold 1

So your question. Whats your favorit food? Explain to me in detail

Why not? (Hah found a loophole)

Pardon? The mist? Most?

What is the best zagara combo? Lets say your abilities are up. Your getting attacked by a ganker and you know you can beat him. Whats the most effective way?

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I was mean, i send you a whisper, to talk a fix time. Of course we will playing on your alt, but you don’t log in on that. I just want to play. I don’t care ranked.
Good to know my rank. Call me bronze player in the future. Win-maniac will avoid me by that.

Predictions! I might be wrong only one way to find out and thats by doing 100 matches

If you play with a tank very well, then i will be able to show my caster skills. I need a tank who can divide and came out normaly. You know, take the damage.
I can’t tanking well.
I can’t supp at all.

Because this is not how AMA works.

The questions are upon us

I can play tank

Btw predictions are based around your enemys. Remember when you played Varian you ran away because 10% health said sorry and it turned out we killed them all. That was me and tassadar. The rest followed you. (Icyveins is amazing)
In my own league I cant pull that off. So based on their reactions positioning ect. I guess that rank

Its a AYA. I didnt mention ask me anything
So how did you become so good at the forums. Do you have a IT background?

Who is your favorit robin from the dc universe?


I did, because if i would follow them, then i die.That kael spawn his DEQW and i’m done. I avoid that. Against ai is 100% that i would die in that situation. Dieing like a fool is foolish movement. It was unexpected that you could kill them to me. That tassadar was pretty cool too, but i said that in the end of the match too.