AMA with Karabars


Well I think I’m not as popular as our supreme Highlord (CaiusCain) but I’m interested in this sort of thing as well and wanna try it out. So bring up the questions if you have any.


I hope you won’t regret.
BEcause my questions may be… interesting.


Bring it on, bud!


Why do you like Medivh?


I always loved:

  • mages/magic
  • wise characters
  • characters who protect others
  • ravens/crows

Plus his lore and kit is awesome, and he reminds me of Gandalf (in WCIII) a bit who I also like. (Sidenote: it’s also a plus that some ppl said I look a bit like him.)


Why steal from me?


Who said it was yours?


I liked the idea and was curious, sry, gave a little credit to you in the op :smiley:


If you meet me irl, what will you do first?

(I know you will kick me for Tassadar spam, but I think you would do something else too)


Good boy.

I did, I have uh, a paper from the writer’s guild.


I love you.


Say hi? Give a handshake or a hug? If it happens in my hometown I maybe show you the city.


Elitists thread meeting commence


Did you make Medivh’s cospaly? If not - will you?


I want. Probably will. I want to visit a CON in my life, probably will do so as “Medivh”.


Would you like to make a big picture with me?


Why do you love Medivh?


I will take a picture with you :smiley:

How is this different than our Dr.'s first question?



Are you handsome?
Wait, you can to not answer. I know you are.