AMA about TLV (master edition)

I play TLV in masters and have some success with them. Maybe this thread will help people to understand how to play TLV or play with TLV in their team.


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Any there any non-3 lane map you think TLV can be good in?
When playing with TLV, it is often said you need a good 4-man, what counts as a good 4-man composition?

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Braxis - never.
BoE - TLV can race but that’s literally it.
Hanamura - you can push payload as max speed by your own, take turrets and buff them by 4 lvl Merc Lord, soak lanes when people fight for payload.

Top solo main tank - ETC or Johanna.
Healer - something with good follow up and good healing (Tyrande, Anduin, Lucio, Malf, etc)
And 2 dmg dealers, at least one of them must be good at wave clearing and siege (Li Ming, Tassadar, Sylvana, etc) when another one can deal good dmg vs heroes (Alarak for example).


The Lost Vikings are the cutest characters I have ever seen.


Can lost vikings be a hypercarry with double supports or was my sylvanas just terrible?

When do you prefer to split them up rather than stay as 3

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Did you ask “Can you play TLV as hyper carry?” or “Can TLV be player with Hyper carry in their team?”?

The early-mid game I send Olaf and Baelog top or bot, Erik goes mid and they soak, when my 4 men team is on bot/top.
I split them up when some objects go up. Example - Towers of Doom. I soak as much as I can and send at least 2 TLV to altars - one to the enemy and one to ally one.

The only bad(ish) maps for TLV are Hanamura and Tomb because of their small size and objective disadvantage. The obj on Hana blows and TLV can’t hold gems efficiently on Tomb.

On the other hand, TLV are a menace on Braxit for rotational purpose. The only hard opponent to deal with in the solo would be DW, Fenix because of their range. Rexxar will get drained out over time. The matchups are manageable with Nordic Attack Squad vs DW or with a smart gank from your team vs Fenix or Rexxar.

(I play with a TLV main over lvl 300)

I’m not sure how the matchup goes vs Gul’Dan drain life build, tho. You can answer me that.

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They outdamaged my sylvanas and replaced her as hypercarry.

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I don’t get off laner Guldan vs me to answer this question.

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What do you think about those who insist Viking can be a good solo laner on maps like BoE or Braxxis Holdout?

Quite a few people have said that on forum. I have tried them on 2 lane maps and it usually didn’t work out so well.

And their “huge pvp damage” really only comes online at lv13 (new Nordic attack squad), at which point more than half the game has probably passed.

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Not to take away from the dr but i think people were over exaggerating solo lane vikings. I do believe it works but only from amazing lost viking players who have dedicated so much time to it that they’d rather not learn a true solo laner. I also think that they are more suited to dealing with someone like rexxar

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If they have enough micro skill to make them work - sure, why not?

My build doesn’t use NAS at 13 lvl, I usually take Jump. I have enough dmg from StW at 7 lvl to kill squishy heroes.

Good Rexxar player can be a pain in :peach: when he double soaks.


Yeah, that change that slightly reduced their overall damage but makes all 3 do 100% bonus vs heroes makes Spin to Win amazing now (though it was often meta, now it is even better).

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What are your talent picks at level 1 and 16?

LVL 1 - Bribe or AoE dmg for Baelog
16 lvl - Stun. Always.

any tip for people who have poor micromanagement? like a technique or something you had to start/stop doing to get better at it.
I’m usually cool on the strategic part but then the action starts I can’t keep track of my enemies/teammates while positioning my guys.

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On a scale of 1 to 10. How much pain and suffering is required to be good with TLV?

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Learn what each Viking can do overall. Then learn what they can do during fight.
For example - Olaf can go front to tank some dmg and slow/Stun someone, so send him to help your team to focus someone down.
Erik - scouting and poke dmg. Try to finish low hp targets with him and dmg backline.
Baelog - if you don’t go “Baelog build” he can’t do much during fight until late game. He’s useful when you send all 3 vikings to dmg hero by Spin to Win.


https ://youtu. be/pZs3WW30DQQ?t=375


That’s past my breaking point.

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