Alright that's IT. Imperius is OUT of control

I just had another game facing Imperius on Dragon Shire. He of course did his usual thing of being both a source of high hero damage and a tank. But that’s not why I’m making this thread. Imperius also did something else that was beyond the pale.

At one point we had Imperius cornered near one of the walls of the mid fort. We were so excited, oh boy, he’s gonna die. He was at like 5% HP or so. And right before he died, he USED HIS Q TO CLIP THROUGH TERRAIN and escaped. He literally went straight through unpassable terrain. It was like, evergreen trees. I was dumbfounded.

So in addition to everything else, now Imperius ALSO has the mobility of an assassin. When are you people going to admit that he is a problem.


What have you never seen him do that before until now?


Yeah, Q goes through terrain. Always has. Has to be pretty thin terrain though.


Wait until he finds out you can initiate the same way too.


When he becomes a problem, duh!


Oh my god, has right click always been attack?!


Also I should add… the fact you think that the mobility this ability gives puts a hero into the “mobile/hyper mobile” category… no.


Pretty sure imperius has always been able to do that, but he had to be right next to the terrain in order to do it and the terrain had to be really thin. (Like tower walls thin at most)


While I do not think that Imperius’ mobility is a problem, I do have to agree that he is OP.

He’s the only bruiser I can think of that can be totally outplayed in lane, and still-- if he gets lucky ONCE-- kill you simply because his “combo” (if you can call 2-buttons a combo) deals so much damage.

He shares this same aspect with Qhira. And with regards to both, I understand the argument is that the “skillshots” are very narrow, but you also have heroes like Anuberak that have narrow skillshots, and yet deal only a fraction of Imperius’ damage.


Not to say that others are not problematic, but Anub’arak is a stun with larger range For hitting multiple people that tends to be used very differently.

(Yes, I know Imperius’s spear can hit multiple people.)

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then what is your point (no pun intended)

The range to hit multiple people is they need to right “on top of” each other.
Anub’arak stun has much more reach.


Learn sidesteps from the sidestepking.


Flash of Anger is a serious problem, as is Pathetic Mortals. As per usual, people will defend his BUSTED talents under the guise that “yeah but he’s pretty weak, he needs the talents”


A note I’m sure you know (aka not directing this at you):

If a talent on a tier is busted that is bad.
If the whole tier is busted in different ways, that can be good.

Imperius was s tier for awhile and no doubt right now he’s either high a tier or low s tier for sure. There’s just other better picks right now to round out the top 6-8 heroes as always, because the devs don’t nerf the right heroes

Johanna, etc, orphea, kt (range indicator on bomb is all that is needed, no number change), rehgar, xul (lul) make up the top 6. Then we have raynor, possibly mei to round out top 8. Depending on map then it falls to rexxar or imperius. On a blind pick with no regard to map I’d go with imperius. Keep in mind I didn’t even go into top tier supports like tlv, or Abathur

I might’ve missed one of the ops but ehh I’m not looking at a list of all the heroes but from memory what the s tiers are

If people can defend surge of light and exterminator i can defend flash of anger all day long.

Pathetic mortal did not need the speed debuff.

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Surge of light is busted and I have maintained this point consistently.

Check my posting history.

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Just because you claim it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Imperius is fine, stop crying. Otherwise prove it with real data.


my only problem with Imperius is how inconsistent his Q is.

Sometimes it goes through enemies, doing nothing and sometimes it magically teleport enemies onto the spear when they are next to it.

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