All Heros gone, cant play anymore

Hi there since today ALL heros are gone - cant even see them in the selection screen, just empty bubbels. how ever if i log in on US or Asia Servers my HOTS works just fine. Already re installd HOTS, Launcher and deleted user files.

EDIT: When i log in with my wifeys account all works fine. Just my account seems bugged on EU serves

Same issue, same regeion.

I’m having the same issue like you guys - the strange thing is that after the 100th restart, I can now only see 1 hero, but when trying to play with him he gets greyed out. I’m also from EU region.

Yes very strange. And as i said: Wife sits like 3 meters next to me on her PC, she can play as normal on the same Router. However my account wont work on her pc, but i can play with her account on my pc.

so it seems like the problem is not on my side ?!

@Kryptonite-21343 I did the following and the heroes appeared for me/the issue was fixed/ - I went to C:\Documents\Heroes of the Storm and deleted the content of the folder. In order to restore it quickly afterwards, copy it in a different directory so you can paste back your builds and replays as it is blank right now. It appears that some of the game data that is being stored there might be corrupted and that have caused the game to malfunction, I think it is something related to the previous games but that’s a long shot.

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