[All] Chat; why is this not a default feature yet

How is this still not a thing. Quality of life is killing this game. Not being able to talk to the other team makes it feel as if you are fighting bots. This game is dying and it could be saved. Social interaction and community building are important for all massively online games. HOTS supports none of this.

This topic has been discussed since the games creation. Overwatch and WoW are shining examples of player interaction. Failure on Blizzards part.


Yeah in WoW you cant talk cross faction all you get is Zug Zug.

All chat would be bad, as it will make the game more toxic.


I played with a game that had All chat for around 4 years.
The huge issue with ALl chat is:

  • Trolls and flamers can give out team location or intentionally help the enemy
  • Trashtalking each other rather than playing the game

My personal opinion is: Don’t talk, with the enemy.


Probably. I could see myself abusing this lol.

“Get rekt, nerds!” after wiping their team lol.

To you maybe. Not to me.

All chat will not save heroes.

This game is a moba, not an MMO. And it’s far late on the whole social/community features, though I definitely wouldn’t call all chat anywhere near vital as far as those go.

Anyways, yeah, the issue is flaming and trolls. And with this genre, there’d be far more of these than friendly people in all chat. There is nothing to gain from this but something to lose.


I use to do this a lot when I used to play LoL i admit.

I hate ALL chat because:

WoW: Barrens chat, turned that pile of garbage off after the first week. I’m surprised anyone gets anything done using City chat. People who do like to find players the oldschool way only get drowned out by the constant spam of pollution.

OW: EZ, GG in the first 30 seconds, and every other word is a racial slur or insult of some kind, from friend and even worse foe.
There is a general chat. I have never once seen anything useful said there. You rarely see the chat in use, when you do see something, it’s like you walked in to the most creepiest, cringiest part of town, and your heart starts to pound thinking that something might happen to you.

HOTS: Has a General chat. Have you ever experienced it? It can give one cancer just by having it turned on… It’ll be even worse from the opponent trolling you and their own teammates because they have access to you now.


The only thing that could save HOTS is for ActiBlizz to build a time machine and accept IceFrog’s offer to make DotA its own game.

Do you really want Activision to go back to the past?

Big nope, you can certainly end up having some talk, but later on the games will become more toxic, especially when you have pre-made teams, with 2+ players trying to tilt others.

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oh man. don’t get me started on HotS General chat…

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OW has this and the only thing the enemy team says is how trash we are. Or comments about our mother and how one of our teammates is a smurf.
I’ve been called OP and skill less at times too for doing well.

Also how would the enemy team trash talking our mothers save the game?

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Well, All chat isn’t a default feature yet because typically things need to be features before they can be default features.

I hope your mind is not blown :wink:

edit: actually someone further down pointed out it does exist in custom games. Whoops

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I would welcome all chat so that i can chat report 9 players instead of 4.

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All Chat is in customs, and people who had to play Arams before they were official had to advertise custom lobbies in Gen Chat to make games happen.

IMO those games were never toxic nor was there any cross team flaming, but that’s probably because the Aram community back then was really chill and relaxed. The atmosphere could be very different in Ranked.

People even obeyed community rules like no BFG on Hammer, no Hearthing or no moving above or under mid lane voluntarily (arams were on Dragon Shire). There was no need to ask anyone to do it.

I’m actually glad there isn’t an ALL chat as a default feature. You won’t believe that the enemy team isn’t less toxic than your own team. all they do is getting on your nerves. except that they do it from the beginning of the game and your own team only does it when they go toxic. I’m tired of all the GG EZs the enemy team says when they win a game.

Plus: they will definitely ask you to report someone on their team.


That is good for the community though. I frequently get such whispers after a game (you can whisper enemy in score tab with /w). For example if they had a feeder, which didn’t go unnoticed by our team either.

If they ask that int’er (like Leoric with 42 deaths who just sat at our core) to be reported I will usually oblige.

Because: Would you want that person your team the next game?


People complain of toxicity from their own teammates and now you want to add toxicity from the other team trying to tilt the mentally weaker people on the other team ??? Yeah that will build a strong communtiy. EXACTLY what we need here… lol No…


^^^This…It’s bad enough you have people on your own team toxic flaming each other, we don’t need an all chat version of this.


but i totally want it so that I can tell enemy team how good they are every game! I promise that I might be telling the truth and I SWEAR 100% that I might not be toxic to enemy team!