Alarak should read minds - Powerful Psionic!

Alarak, being a powerful psionic should have the ability to read minds.

By that I mean, at Alarak’s 13 - the talents he chooses will be further amplified (beyond what they currently do) as follows:

Rite of Rakshir: If within range of the marked target, Alarak can see all/some of their ability cooldowns

Blades of the Highlord: Basic attacking a hero reveals all/some of their ability cooldowns for five or ten seconds

Pure Malice: If an allied hero dies (at all / near) Alarak, see the ability cooldowns of (all / nearby) heros for five or ten seconds.

Why does this make sense?

  1. Alarak is a psionic
  2. Players marked with Rite of Rakshir don’t feel currently “hunted” enough
  3. Additional survivability/utility for Alarak

Specific to point 3) above, Alarak has much more to lose later game, generally after 13. This enables him to hunt, but safely. For example, he can continually chase Murky but after level 10 he risks losing it all (over and over again). However, if he knows that Octograb is up he will disappear, lurking in the background. Once it is used he will come forward, knowing it is (relatively) safe to proceed. Another example is Stitches with Gorge or Butcher with Lamb to the Slaughter. This helps also where Alarak gets continual value from his level 13 talents, even if he isn’t able to successfully farm Sadism.

Specific to point 2) above, Alarak should feel more impactful in later game hero to hero combat without requiring the team to back him up (in every case). Currently he depends on the coordination of his team far more than a melee assassin should - this would give him a bit more agency/independence. Compare this with a roaming Nova, Qhira, Zeratul, Samuro, Valeera.

It would be even more ambience / flavor if the talents ‘light up’ / activate to show the info as he nears them (but maybe can’t see them) to give an indication Alarak is closing in on his prey - like when Darth Vader sensed Obi-Wan’s presence except this time it’s Murky :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts, thanks!