AI a LOT worse since the new patch


So since the new patch the AI has gotten a lot worse

I had a friendly AI Tychus in Braxis Holdout and it didnt do…anything.

It was wondering around, staying close to towers and when you command it to follow you he ran away???

What happened?

Why is the AI complete garbage? When do you guys intend to fix this?

I have to second this.

I just did a Beginner AI game with my brother, with the Alterac Valley map. The three AI members on our team (ETC, Malfurion, and Muradin) spent most of the game doing very little.

For example, very start of the game, my brother and I went down the center lane, out to the midway point. ETC stopped at the gate, jogging in and out repeatedly, and the opposing team Imperius did the same thing. Even after the minions came through and we’d engaged those, both ETC and Imperius were still jogging back and forth. Only when we clearly came within attackable range or the minions were attacking towers did they get involved.

At a later point, we could see all three of them at points on the map that had nothing of interest - no minions, no towers, no camp, no enemies, nothing to secure - and they were moving up and down rapidly.


I just played 4-5 games with elite AI.
It does not act like elite.
It is more like veteran or worse.
It used to group up and attack at one of the pushed lanes. Now i don’t see more than 2 or 3 at the same spot.
Did you "Deepmind"ed AI like SC2 i mean is it learning some new things? Or you guys just screwed AI :smiley:


are worse since rework now more worse xD


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! We are aware of numerous issues currently affecting A.I. behavior. We hope to have this fixed as soon as we can.

We have updated the Known Issues List with the currently tracked A.I. issues. Please let us know if you continue see any issues that are not listed there!

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

The new patch's A.I. is terrible
Bots are disfunctional

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Very horrible.

Just had a bot Raynor, and he spent most of the game randomly hearthing back to base at full hp and full mana. Pigning him didn’t seem to do anything, and during team fights, he just walked around in a circle not attacking anyone.

While the enemy team pushed our keep, he was in the middle of the map on the enemy’s side, on BoE. Where there are no minions or structures to attack.

Whatever changes you did please revert them. The previous horrible bots would at least attack once in a while, these don’t do anything at all.

Getting a bot is bad enough. But in this state, I’m not touching ranked until I know it’s fixed. It’s a guaranteed loss.


How do you guys even approve changes like this, do you not have time to jump yourself into a few games before you let the patch go live and see if there are any unintended issues? Hunting for bugs can be sometimes difficult, but this problem is so obvious and impossible not to catch on time, but you still ship it in a state more broken that before.

Same with the AI maps rotation/limited pool, every QA poster acting surprised over something that was first reported back in October, something so obvious you would have to notice by now by leisurely playing one match a day at least.


I used to play a lot of vs A.I. mode with my friends and enjoyed it a lot, with enough of challenges while playing against elite A.I. where I can improve my skills. However, after the Feb 12 patch it is basically unplayable now.

Tried every AI difficulty since the Feb 12 patch and they are all the same. The AI opponent lost every strategic elements they used to have - Camp timing, Camp invasion, Split pushing, Objective capturing…

They are now so passive that they just stand still behind the gate or close to the tower/core with minimal dodging. They just go for camp when they can while losing lots of laning XP.

The changes to shard/gem purchase, together with other recent changes really gave me hope that HOTS is still a playable game. However, the AI changes is really disappointing. Blizz please fix it or at least revert the changes made to the AI a.s.a.p…


please bring back AI from before the patches. i will send 100$ to accelerate this process


Elite AI is so atrocious its literally unplayable there is no way this was tested. A few things off the top of my head:

  • Full health/mana heroes constantly backing
  • Heroes sitting afk
  • show up to pings 50% of the time and just randomly leave when the objective is almost done or boss has 10%hp
  • running back and forth like a starcraft unit on patrol in areas where they aren’t soaking or accomplishing anything
  • if you ping a hero to help with a camp its a disaster they either don’t help or they do but after taking 10% of their health they leave and back, even if you are healing them or they are a tank.

I wish I wrote the problems down because over 10 games doing quests there have been plenty of other things in addition to that list that make the games miserable. I have been playing AI for quests since they killed the game in December and now I can’t tolerate it at all. Its almost all downside too with few noticeable improvements (if any). Honestly this is a complete joke. They clearly weren’t lying when their epic fail of an announcement said they were pulling people and assets off this game as a skeleton crew could have figured out this was nowhere close to ready.


Can you at least roll back the AI to the previous version? The AI right now is 100% useless. Allied AI will not even follow your character when you ping, and will literally do NOTHING the entire game.

And considering how many people play VS AI, and the number of AFKs we get in Quickmatch it is making the game experience pretty terrible right now.


the games denifetely needs a AI roll back. I am scared it will be tweaked again and we will see more sad faces.
playing vs elite AI has been FUN for YEARS, why screw it up. it’s crazy!
Put the AI as it was before and I promise I will buy the 100$ cad gem pack


Oh let the staff know that it was messed up that the Bark dog whatever was taken away with NO Warning!!! I finally got the gold together to get him and this week he was gone??? Seriously? NO WARNING.??
Is it fun to add things and take them away with no ‘limited time warning’ just so people get mad?
Oh and 85% of my friend base who plays AI haven’t been on in months. So that seems odd.


Just played a bit a bit of specialist questing AI(Adept) as Abathur: I was going a “non-conventional” build, one that relaxes me, and slow-paced… but not 40+ minutes!

Anyways; the fact is: Alterac Pass, AI teammates were frozen in front of the objective, not even trying to capture it.
Had to solo the objective myself… as Abathur the rest of the game.


Just closed ranked games. Before was hard win whit AI but now is just immposible. I lost alredy 2 ranks becouse of it. This is just really disgusting.


The AI is better than it was when they changed it initially but its still worse than previously. Examples of elite AI behavior-

  • The AI doesn’t protect the core at all. If you die late game or are trying to accomplish something like caping a tribute you can ping infinitely but catapults just kill the core while your teammates sit in a lane.

  • The objectives are still really bad. On capture points heroes will just randomly back out and you realize its a 3v5 all of a sudden for no reason. Or they trickle in despite the fact everyone was mounted and together 5 seconds prior. Also they typically won’t go on point unless you are in front which is great as chromie etc.

  • When pushing with an objective, ie BoE full health immortal late game 5 heroes vs 2 and teammates are no showing and backing despite pings. Half health with a healer backing when game is over if they stay.

  • The hit rate on AI responding to pings in a reasonable way is sub 50%. If you are dead pings don’t do anything, literally. If you ping a boss and an objective spawns when its a 5%hp you better hope you can solo the rest.

The ancient AI was better I don’t get the point in trying to make it better when the player base is cratering.


Hi, when i play in Battlefield of Eternity with veteran A.I., when the demon and the angel come to fight each other, my ally A.I. go near the the one we need to protect and the enemy A.I. does exactly the same think (go near the one they need to protect) and they will fight nolonger…if u dont manage to kill the demon or angel, and u cant cuz you will by 1v5.
I dont know if this is happening only to me but is a really wierd bug.