Known Issues List


Updated 5/01/2019

UI and Online

  • Some players can get into a state where Daily Quests can fail to show as active in hero select and are unable to be completed.
  • [Storm Leauge] Some players are not able to see their allied Role Preference UI in their client.
  • [Storm League] The win counter can show as 0 for other people in the party.
  • [Target Info Panel] The TIP becomes faded once moved.
  • Some players are experiencing limited map pools for VS A.I. game modes.
  • Boost icons are not aligned at the draft screen in certain resolutions

Game Content

  • New – Garden Terror Spawn Vines get stuck at gates when they try pathing through them.

  • New – Divine Star’s projectile can be canceled before the game starts causing Anduin to never put his sword away.

  • New – Anduin is missing his victory animation.

  • New – Blackrock Garrosh’s textures are missing his lava.

  • New – Cyber Oni Anub’arak’s Impale changes colors after learning Bed of Barbs.

  • [Ana] Eye of Horus can hit incorrect targets near Structures.

  • [Orphea] Ravenous Hunger does not grant Hero Kill credit against Heroes with Post-Death effects.

  • [Orphea] Allegrissimo does not grant cooldown reduction when Shadow Waltz kills the Hero.

  • Holding Right-Click to move and issuing Attack Move commands can cause the animation to play but deal no damage.

  • Cleansing Flame can get stuck and desync from the mouse position.

  • Invisibility outlines are not always visible over Ragnaros’ lava trail.

  • [Volskaya Foundry] Heroes can become stuck or unresponsive between conveyors and nearby terrain islands.

  • At match end, the Queen Nightshade plays default Announcer audio.

  • At match end, the Lady of Thorns plays default Announcer audio.

  • Players can change Event Quest while in draft/during countdown, but will earn progress on the previous quest for that game.

  • [Ana] There are two listings for Healing Dart in the Quick Cast Settings.


  • [CN][Li-Ming] Templar Li-Ming’s Voice Lines are missing in game and Loadout.


  • [Mac] Old Replays require the Heroes client to be launched a second time before they load properly.
  • [Mac] Some players are experiencing crashes mid-game.
  • [Mac] Some players are experiencing issues launching Heroes.
  • [Mac][macOS 10.14] Mouse cursor becomes unresponsive in Fullscreen mode.

Engine and Game Systems

  • AI will not prioritize or properly interact with certain goals.
  • Some players are experiencing performance degradation during Brawl Hero Selection screen.

Mal'Ganis Announcer Bug
End Game Screen Bug
When level 14 as Abathur the level 15 reward displayed next to the mastery taunt is a white square
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Voicelines change when changing skins
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“S” button & minimap Patch 2.43.2 since 2.34.0
Blackrock Garrosh
Known issues - Voice line reset


  • New – (Abathur) (Lucio) Ultimate Evolution of Lucio is always able to cast High Five.
  • New – [Lucio] High Five sound effect does not play on allied heroes that are at full health.
  • New – [Brawl] Lost Cavern brawl is missing its loot chest reward.
  • New – [Leoric] Basic Attacks desync with Leoric’s attack cycle animations.
  • New – Pinged AI heroes will continue to chase down a target into dangerous areas.

Bug Listed as Resolved still Happening in Game
Auto select is not working *when there is an active bonus*
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