Account settings fail to load

I’ve been trying to log into “account settings” on multiple browsers, it only loads a blank page. I can log into my account in game, but not the “account settings” in browsers.

I was trying to access my account in browser to link my payment method, but with I click on “Account Setting” it will load into a blank page. It’s hard to even give this game money.

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Also got the same problem here.

This problem was on the WoW forums, try one of the following.

  • Clear browser cache
  • Restart Computer
  • Reset Modem

Hey there,

We’re aware that the Account Details page isn’t loading for certain accounts. Our web team is working on a resolution, which should hopefully happen soon.

No known workarounds for this at the moment, but we’ll make sure to update if we hear of anything useful. Thanks for letting us know!

I tried the suggestion to reset my modem, I could get the account settings page to work for a single session, but I would have to reset again the next time I wanted to log in.

Thanks for the update Jambrix, it’s still a problem, but resetting my modem gives me a temporary work around.