Account locked - Authenticator removal - HELP!

SO, the issue started as I had problems with the authenticator and wasn’t able to do the “change” in time.
Then, there was the password etc. info leak, TWICE on blizzard end, so I decided, to protect my account I went and changed my email AND my password, which was a mistake, now my account it locked, and I cannot access it (I made a new account to come and write this).

I have tried to explain this to them 4 times now, and I have provided all sorts of random information (list below), and I feel I’m talking to a bot, because I get the SAME list and same reply every time.

What is going on, please can a HUMAN read and reply to this!?

I’ve played the game almost since Beta, is this is?

They are asking me things about WOW and HS, and I havent played those games in YEARS! And I literally played hots everyday :smiley: I also played OW, but yeah. Humans around, I’m kinda losing hope here.

(I even have some bank information where is literally my name that is the same as the account name and these are from years ago… I feel they aren’t even checking the attachements…)

I even have bunch of friends who can confirm who I am but… I guess that even doesnt matter, haha :smiley:

A Game Master set the status of your ticket to “Need More Info”, and left the following response:

Hey there!

Game Master Ormdeldyn here, Thank you so much for reaching out to us today.

I’m sorry to hear that you lost access to your Blizzard account, I understand how frustrating this situation can be. Sadly, we were not able to verify account ownership with the provided information. Before we proceed, we’ll need to verify some account information with you.

Copy the entire section below and paste it in your reply to this ticket. Do your best to fill out all the account information below on each line—take your best guess if you’re not sure.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist as much as we can. We look forward to hearing back from you—until then, take care!

Any authenticator serial number (current or previous):
Any physical game keys/codes attached to the account:
Transaction ID from a purchase (found on your bank/financial statement, for PayPal, in your PayPal payment details):
Previous BattleTags associated with the account:
Previous physical addresses associated with the account:
Previous phone numbers associated with the account:
The answer to the account’s secret question (“What was the name of your second pet?”):

World of Warcraft 

The creation date of any associated WoW accounts (approximate date in MM/YYYY format): 
The oldest WoW character’s creation date (approximate date in MM/YYYY format): 
For any character services on the account (i.e. character transfer/faction change/race change), list the characters’ previous faction/name/race:
Recent purchases made with gold on the account (provide the character’s name and realm as well): 


Examples of recent cards or card backs earned/crafted:
Examples of recent packs opened (number of packs opened and from which expansion):

Click here to review your ticket and respond with the requested information.

Blizzard Support

The thing that changes is the ID number and game master; which are listed below:
Game Master Adutaggixu - ID #EU92713292
Game Master Edranektos - ID: #EU92843559
Game Master Ormdeldyn - ID: #EU92886481
Game Master Brydriita - ID: #EU92894298

Hi Kami,

Were you able to resolve this issue?

No. I only got “Bot-like” responds to every support ticket (and they got “resolved”- status after a week). I still don’t have access to my main account :(, and I feel as I don’t play other games actively than Hots, I cannot answer these questions they’re asking from me.

It’s weird that even my literal bank statements, and orders from years 2015, and my number (and what not) that was asked of me, wasn’t enough.

I’m just confused. And sad.

Since you weren’t able to migrate in time, your authenticator would have automatically been removed. You should have received a password reset to your original registered email you had on your Battlenet account. Perhaps changing your email and password with the lingering password reset caused a security issue.

The good news is you are not the only person having this issue with questions from eons ago. The bad news is, I haven’t heard of a resolution an easy resolution to this. One of the Blues stated that it has to do with how certain information weighs in to verify account ownership and to answer as many questions the best that you can so a Game Master can do their best to unlock the account.

I didnt receive this email to the old email. I checked my mail. :frowning:

So, end of the day, I can’t get my account back? as I “couldnt answer enough” of the “security questions”.

I get the robotic answer to all emails - tried to explain that I haven’t played Wow not HS in years, not even OW, only Hots, so kind hard to go on. Best proofs that I have are the old number and the bank statements that I have. Some IRL friends from the account as well…Sigh.

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