About Sylvanas rework (Banshee talent suggestion)

I was wondering if is it possible to add the Sylvanas banshee scream as a talent (wheter if it slows or stuns enemy heroes). It could be like Battle for Azeroth cinematic.

I know it´s not a relevant suggestion, and it´s mainly cosmetic, but I think it would be a very nice talent, fitting to the hero (her mind control sound was a really nice tribute). Also I really liked it when they added things like Kerrigan Chrysalis, and it would be something like that.


See I was thinking about this as well. I feel like a talent that made her D usable on Heros with banshee’s curse on them, and by proxy also allow banshees curse to be applied to towers naturally.
This would keep her new style in play, and also bring back some of the old sylvanas playstyle.