Abba sitting in Well

This should bring up the AFK warning. Unless the Keeps are down. Tired of afk abba’s in Ranked or any game mode sitting in Well all game. No reason for it, but who am I kidding Blizzard cares not for this game or it’s customers.

Because they are not AFK if they have someone symbioted and are casting symbiote abilities.

Playing badly is not the same as being AFK.


Well, this wasn’t a matter of playing badly. They are a frequent player in my games and they are doing it on purpose. They will sit well entire game and hat one person and will not cast any other ability. They do nothing else. Just hat a select person and nothing. They admit to doing this and I have reported them multiple times. They have been doing this for 2 seasons now and nothing has happened to them.
So if Blizzard isn’t going to Ban this behavior at least make it impossible to do.

So keep condoning this behavior, no wonder there are so many people doing these things because of people like yourself that think it is acceptable.

What did you report it as? Cause if you reported it as ‘aba staying in well’, I’m pretty sure Blizz will not blink an eye. Well =/= base.

He never did. You just don’t know how to be impartial. Playing bad/suboptimally does not equate to being afk. If you reported him for afk, you’re one of those false reporters because feelings. Unless you’re a GM player (well, even if you’re a GM player), there are games where you would play badly/suboptimally. Will that be a good justification for reporting you for throw/int-ing (‘disruptive gameplay’ or whatever, which is much more suitable report reason than ‘afk/non-participation’ in this, and your situation, albeit still farfetched that will not pass)?

Yeah and what if they dont hat anyone? They do a minion every few minutes to avoid being kicked then go back to doing 0 soak and damage. They trolling.

If you mean a summon then that will not prevent AFK kick. Abathur needs to be hatting and casting abilities to avoid that.

If you mean hatting a minion then they sill are doing something, even if that something is nowhere near the capability of the hero. Again no crime for playing badly.

yeah but if he hats to attack 1 minion then takes it off then it stops the afk timer.

Unfortunately it falls into the realm of very bad play. Their MMR will, over time, be corrected to match this. For example with that level of play they will quickly end up in Bronze 5.

So then when a GM smurf trolls people for the lawls then climbs back up. That is correct mmr?

Problem is, what you or others are suggesting (punishment of some kind) requires/bases judgement on speculation, guessing. First, you have to know/speculate the player is a higher level smurf. Then, you have to speculate the player is trolling, as in, intentional bad play. Punishment based on those guessing is bad enough, on top of that, it has to be repetitive offence for it to warrant some kind of punishment.

Without covering what I mentioned, this will just turn into, ‘the player doesn’t play what/how I like them to play’, which is subjective stuff, not an objective standard.

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Even if he is not a smurf, afking is afking. Its not that hard to figure out when someone is trolling or trying to lose in this game.
Literally doing things to avoid afk timer to go back to base is pretty easy to spot

Well, I’ve quit the game. 3 games with 3 sets of bots in ranked play. They all run top lane and die instantly. I’m done with blizzard period. Their lack of care for their products, staff, community is disgusting. I will never touch anything that has to do with their company. They are a disgrace.

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