A request from NGS: Please fix access to replay files between 3/26 and 4/17 if you can!

Thanks! I appreciate the suggestion!

Hey Jayzon!

The team has heard your request and updated the Tournament Realm to have Heroes .44 in it. :grinning:

You should be able to launch the tournament client and watch replay files right now!

This is a limited update though as we’ll have to revert to a different version on Thursday 4/25 – so grab what you need before then!


Can we get an update on the hero release schedule? How often can we expect a new hero?

Nice to see that problem got resolved.

While relevant, the real question is: “There is a community manager ?!”


OMG a community manager. I thought they were extinct.

>This thread
>Community manager response

Oh boy.

It’s nice to see one dropping here.


He looks like a brand new manager.

Fresh from the pack?


You know one (of many) reasons that Blizz representatives don’t usually write any pposts at all?

Because people will ask them other questions not pertaining to the topic every single time.

You’d think that if Blizzard wanted to answer that particular question, they’d have done so in the 50912312 threads asking about the next hero and such.


I can’t speak for other questions, but it’s crazy how people want information after being left in the dark for an extended period of time, huh?

And you think they’ll unveil the darkness because you asked them offtopically in a different thread than in the threads in which it is relevant?

Did you think that he’d go “Oh yeah next hero’s coming in two weeks. We forgot to mention it in the 7 other threads specifically asking about it. Good thing you asked!”


Thank you so much @BlizzStepher! I will be putting my team on replay casting as many of these matches as possible over the next week. It’s an honor to have our request accommodated like this, and so quickly! Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

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Well, asking when a blizz poster passing through would be a good time to ask. It’s not like a quick update would be difficult. Even if it’s a “we’re still figuring that out”. This lack of communication is sort of ridiculous. You’re right though, if they don’t want to, they won’t. But maybe it’s something they’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to yet

maybe they care about us

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And yet people would just complain at a ‘We’re still figuring that out’ or other tentative-nothing answers.

Or people would take their answers extremely literally or go completely offroad with it and assume something wrong.

And any Blizzard employee has to do proper research before they can answer various things due to aforementioned reasons.

All of these things are other reasons that Blizzard representatives avoid posting.

Remember a while back when there were certain ‘humor threads’, and a CM posted in it?
Then there were a bunch of replies, going along the lines of: “WE’VE BEEN ASKING ABOUT X FOR Y TIME, AND THEN YOU WRITE IN A HUMOR THREAD? HOW DARE YOU! BAD BLIZZARD!”

While I understand people’s need for some clarification regarding certain matters, pestering CMs wont help.

I recall reading a post from a CM clarifying that writing on the forums is something they only do in their free time during lunch breaks or whatever.
And as previously mentioned, they need to do research on what they write because they have to be REALLY careful about what they say, and when they finally do write something, they tend to get hammered by negativity or offtopic questions.

And just to clarify Xoxin; I’m not trying to attack you, but more along the lines of trying to tell everyone, “give them a break”. They’re not gods, they’re human beings, working for evilvision, working for a company with vividly rabid fans. And they have been getting considerably downsized so they’re not as many as they used to be…

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You’re right(at least on these forums. Reddit idk.) It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth considering Feburary’s communication(specifically these two parts)

and we still haven’t heard anything when we’re nearly into month 5 of 2019 and don’t even have a 2nd hero yet. I’ll freely admit I’ve done some salt posting today.


Are you discounting the Reddit AMAs? They had some AMA the past months, and also have been communicating there. Because if you want communication frankly you should be looking at Reddit for that, rather than the HotS forums. That is pretty much how it is.

As for the new hero, or the cadence of release, they’ve been silent about it even on the Reddit forums, so you pretty it means “you won’t like the answer so don’t ask”. Silence is pretty much as straight forward an answer you’ll get, if they don’t have anything to share it just isn’t going to happen until they have something prepared.

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Yes, I was speaking specifically about that.

Yeah just aren’t going to answer that especially since the new release schedule seems to be something they’re still learning the ropes around with the remaining crew they have.

Until they create a couple of new heroes, from start to finish, with the crew they have remaining I don’t think they’d be able to answer that until they can fully assess from experience how long it now takes. Otherwise, there is no point giving an estimate if they haven’t even made one new hero yet with the remaining resources and manpower they have, since there wouldn’t be any basis.

It’s looking more and more like two a year, as I suspected for quite some time now. The timeline required for getting three this year is not looking achievable, at the current rate. Unless they increase the release cadence, which is the exact opposite of what they said was going to happen, its going to be two, three if we get one at the very tail end of the year, but that will prevent a new character being released at the start of the new year next year.

Its really more like 2.5 characters a year, but that doesn’t really work out in reality.