2021 - Ranked Perspective (Silver/Bronze)

Solo queue > enemy is also solo queue > win.

Solo queue > enemy is a team of 4/5 and coordinated > loss.

Solo queue > your team has a duo+ > 80% chance of 4/5 man enemy team > loss.

I win 65% of the games that I play where everyone in the match is solo. I win maybe 10% of the games where the enemy team has a 4/5 member team. I also run into teams of 4/5 as a solo queue approximately 50% of my matches.

Solo queue only, I am able to rank. However due to teams of 4/5 enemy players are in 50% of my games, I find it quite literally impossible to climb. What makes it worse is teams of 4/5 only one a 1/10 or a 0/10 chance to get a troll or a griefer on their team while I have a 4/10 chance every single game.

Ranked is impossible to gain points unless you team with 4/5 people to increase the odds the enemy team gets bad players who troll or are just bad.

tldr; ranked solo is like gambling with much worse odds than a Vegas casino.


This is getting tiring, so many people with the same solved arguments D:

Yeah right, too bad its already been proven wrong by streamers repeatedly going all the way from bronze to master/gm (so lucky!). Even though you are theoretically correct, I doubt you are just THAT unlucky.
I remember recently in my NA account which is kind of a low rank still, I had a game about 4v5 and we still won (because our healer was really indecisive about playing or staying in base afk and my team were in general nonstop flaming each other).
So just keep focusing on improving yourself, complains like your team “sucking” or the enemy being a 4-5man isn’t always valid as the game is actually trying to balance it and they could be random people grouping up as well which is mostly ending up as a significantly unbeneficial disadvantage for them. Trolls and afk is a factor to complain too I see.
Just know that as many trolls you are getting, the enemy gets too (or at least about the same amount and mostly, you got the point) and that applies to a lot of complains. While isn’t 100precent absolute, is enough to match other mobas with the same complains which can hardly be fixed.

For me what got me out of silver which I spend pretty much most of the time overall (I’m only playing a year though), was watching HotS streams and NotParadox’s guides and of course playing the game, learning from my own mistakes and willingly learning while understanding my team wont always be in the same knowledge level as mine and get the upper hand.
But this was never much of a trouble in my experience since I was just having a rather good time.

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I started the game 6 years ago as a silver 1. I have been playing 6 years and I am now bronze 3. When you say (just improve) it implies that over 6 years I have actually got worse as a player. I have tried to improve, I actually am a very good player.

Streamers who do bronze to master on stream are not what they seem. If you can’t understand that people will manipulate what you see and what is happening to gain popularity, you are mistaken. I would bet that many of them have friends or others queueing at the same time, to either help boost or throw games if they end up on the opposite team. Even if this was not the case, there would be “fans” of the streamer who are queueing up at the same exact time with hopes of playing with them. These players would actually work the same way as a 4/5 man team for the streamers as they will be trying hard to impress of look good in front of their streamers. On the opposite side if they end up on the enemy team, they psychology will make them lose on purpose to “help” their favourite streamers achieve their goals of bronze to masters. This is the same exact thing that happens when you see chi-masters on YouTube chi-blasting their students and knocking their martial arts students out with the power of chi and their mind, which is bs but because of the students loyalty they act the part nonetheless.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Also you did not read my complaint, a team of 4/5 has a 1/0 chance of a bad player or griefer, where a solo player has a 4/10 chance, that’s 400% more of a chance to get a player who actively pulls the game down. That’s math, objective and not subjective, your complaint of get good does not subvert this.

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You have your points, however

Honestly that’s a whole diffrent subject, lets not go there, I don’t even trust my own school which my mother also has a job in as a teacher.

Guess you are right, even though I just told you I got diamond in a year (by watching those pros and HotS stuff) and I was still climbing on my way to masters with an almost ~65% winrate.
Too bad summer’s over, my school started so my rank will decay for now ;(
And I honestly don’t currently play HotS any better than silver, honestly, I do blame school - cant be a coincidence.

How about we play together out of curiosity, fun stuff :smiley:
My tag Desync#11608 . Any server, sure ! My main is EU though.
Might as well find out the reason you cant climb, sometimes it really isn’t even game knowledge though and that has to be your situation according to you.

I have added you (US). I will show you first hand what I mean. I don’t know if its some hidden MMR thing blizzard does, but I am stuck in bronze and only get further down. I played 6 games today, 3 wins, 3 losses. I won every game where there was no teams, the 3 games that I lost was a 5 man, a 4 man and a smurf duo who were playing Abuthur+Samuro. I can overcome duo’s but in this case the game had an arthas that did not want to be at the objective (Alterac Pass) and 3/5 members of my team had 30% winrates while the enemy winrates were x4 (52-55%) and one (66%) player. Its literally a scam, the algorithm does not give you fair games, it gives weighted games with the intention of forcing 50% winrates, however use to hidden MMR I will lose more for a loss than I gain for a win so I slowly slide down. Actually BS.

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If you are lucky, you get more potatoes in enemy team. If you are not, guess where the potatoes are… That’s the only truth!

From my experience on NA, there are so many smurfs you don’t know who’s one anymore. I remember having a Lucio booping every single shadow charge… there is a chance that is the issue :slight_smile:

Another potatoegame with potatoeButcher at 18 meat and 5 deaths in 11 minutes. So here we go again B2. I wonder why all the hate… xD

TWO!!! TWO fu$$ing potatoeButchers first pick! Thanks, Blizzard…

And now… the potatoecombo murky & abathur!

Ah, well.

If that is the case, am I really at fault for ranking down against teams of smurfs, playing with genuine silver/bronze team members? this is bad game design by blizzard and am I not justified in being angry that I am punished for playing legitimately? I tell you, I am a good player. But you cannot win in a system which is designed to do this to you.

I have been banned x2 from competitive now. Each time was for getting mad in chat and calling people names for actively trolling my game. They should be the ones getting punished, not me. But by the nature of the system I am the one getting punished.

I think blizzard may actually be the worst game studio that exists at the moment. Its a wonder they even made decent games to begin with.

See Community Decline and Why Players Flame.

It literally says everything you just expressed.

HoTS 2.0 + Blizzard started introducing these ‘punishments’ meant to deter players from doing things like leaving draft, afk in-game, flaming, etc.

The problem is that the griefers have learned to avoid this. So a good chunk of the people people punished are the people getting angry at the griefers, rather than the griefers themselves.

There are ways to fix this, and there’s forums on here, on reddit, even individual articles that practically beg blizzard to do away with this punishment system. It’s just adding to the toxicity.

It just won’t happen =\

Anyone who played pre 2.0 knows the difference.

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Here is a great example of what I have to deal with, this was my one and only game today while I had insomnia. This player refused to play anything else, he also kept saying that everyone else on the team was the problem which made me angry, so I called him names in game. I will almost certainly get punished. I literally hate this BS.


I literally have to deal with these subhumans.

Not every player are GMs. Of course GMS can do it cause they are the best of the best. Sadly that is also 1% of the game. I seen a ton of players who average diamond most seasons and are punished from solo queing.

The biggest thing while i hate dealing with premades vs randoms is the randoms you get are not even trying most of the time. I have countless stories where player do stuff that a real upper plat or lower diamond player would never do. Missing soak, Ignoring camps, never doing camps, Diving 1v4, focusing tank. Then you mix that with the people who just afk at base or feed after 1 person speaks in chat trying to get some form of communcation into the game.

This game is not fair or fun as a solo player and not everyone can get a 5man premade going. I have had many 4 man premades where 1 player trolls you so hard that you are not carrying it.

The solution is to fix the match making. There is 0 reason diamonds and golds should ever be in teh same group. If you make a premade and the highest rank player in your group is diamond 3 then the entire group should be treated as if they were diamond 3 as well instead of all these d3s in a group with plat 5s and gold 1s.

Anymore Plat is the new silver. Its the barrier/area where the majority of the trolls end up at. Boosted players mixed with old accounts that havent played a single game in 6 months and nothing is being done about this. Then again me personally I gave up on the idea of this game getting any better and just trying to goof off until the shut down after they lose their lawsuit.

If you havent tried EU you should. The ping rate really isn’t bad (East Coast US 1G Net: about 150 highest, rare 300+) and the ranked scene is different. Silver plays like Gold. Holds true to about Diamond I assume, But I feel the (EU) games have been better quality. They’re not devoid of conflict, but I feel like my team just wants to… win more. You know how many times I hear “I just want to have fun”? You know what’s fun? Winning.

But the positives on (EU) felt more consistent as well, than (US).

Actually think I might head back to (EU) for a bit, take a break from (US) on that note.

I feel that you should be able to win more than you lose. From my experience, depending on the time of day you will find that towards dinner time and later the trolls come out and prey on people who are trying to get better and win. I’ve had 1 guy die 15 times in one match…15… It is frustrating and it makes the game less fun. I play mainly a tank role usually, and I’ve dragged myself to bronze 4 from gold 4 and currently got back to silver 5. I’m hoping to get myself back up to gold 4, but that will take some time. My issue lies in people not camping and soaking lanes. So what I’m going to try and do is play a bruiser or another ranged hero to carry the team. Winning is doable but it also requires that you adapt to the play style in the current rank you are in. In the lower rank pick a tank that can dish out damage and self heal, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to play as a solo tank without a healer and managed to carry my team to victory by tanking. Each role can do something to help get closer to the dubya. Try to pick talents on a healer that will help with getting kills or bribe camps. With bruisers make sure you outsoak the enemy and be at the objective when it is up to assist in kills. If you play Xul or other heroes that get camps easily, grab camps like crazy. It gives your team more XP and it also pressures the lanes. If you feel your team is playing stupid at the beginning, ignore the first objective and soak lanes, get that level 7 or 10. Don’t worry if people get bent out of shape because you aren’t at the objective point. You’re trying to advance the level of your team, and out leveling the enemy team gives you a talent advantage. I have spent games out soaking the enemy solo laner and achieve wins. I hope this helps you with the games ahead.


I recently got myself a bronze 5 account just to see what this so called “bronze hell” was about. The account was 0-40 and only getting like 6 points per win, but it turns out that it’s pretty much impossible to lose a single game at that rank.

After a 28 win streak I was finally starting to get the normal 200 points per win. After 34 wins in a row I was getting 500 per win and made it to silver 5. I was starting to wonder when these “forced losses” and “afk’ers and trolls” would show up and ruin my games since they should be so common according to you, but nope, turns out I only had to lose 2 games in silver and quickly made it to gold. Now gold was pretty much the exact same as silver except i lost 3 games there.
Now currently this account is diamond 5 with a total score of 96-6 (technically 96-46 because of starting on a 0-40 score :slight_smile: ) and im not a streamer, so your “streamers get boosted by viewers” argument holds no value here.

So if you struggle to get out of the bottom ranks, you are probably just not very good at the game, or atleast not as good as you think, and need to stop feeding yourself all these excuses as to why you cannot climb, when the only problem is yourself.

A cool fantasy story or the luckiest potatoe-free dude in the world! xD

So if you’re getting 500 points a match then you only played 10 games in silver and 10 in gold. With 2 and 3 forced losses according to you that’s a bump to 25 games. 5 forced losses of 25 games is that’s 20% of the games with a troll.
When someone is at their current rank they should be going 50/50 based on real teams. If they instant lose 20% because of trolls and get 50/50 then they’re being held back and pushed into a rank they don’t deserve.
Your experience is also skewed because if you’re playing at a diamond level in bronze/silver then you’re going to be inspiring your team to not troll by how well your carrying them. Maybe play like a bronze and check again how many people rage quit or afk

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I’m curious about what role you picked, because I’m around 800 games in this season and I was bronze 4, and now I’m Silver 3 and climbing. I usually tank or play bruiser mostly. You thinking about making a guide on Youtube to show your strategies and how you play when you get players that don’t work with you? I had one person one game die 17 times in a row also during this stretch.

Ya EU is only server left. Not enough players in NA to allow for ladder climbing past diamond. You try to que as d3 and end up banning for 4 plats vs a premade.

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I feel you!!! The game is full of mindless people. I started this season Gold 4 and now I’m Bronze 3. It’s crazy I lost 5 games in a raw, in one of them I was MVP. Even if I play out of my mind I still don’t win. It’s like I get drafted with the most low IQ people. I play solo I don’t have a team and none of my friend play the game anymore. It’s a very bad experience playing this game. I will probably quit it’s not worth it I get stressed for nothing. The fact is Blizzard does not care about the free playing games.
There should be some requirements for playing Ranked like having at least 3 heroes form every class and lvl 10 on every hero to be eligible to play, and they should make a tutorial for every class where they teach them the role the character has, and what the objective of the game is. I played so many games where people just go and die for a kill or go solo to die for a camp. It’s ridiculous!!!