Your Attendance is Requested at the Masquerade Ball!

Your Attendance is Requested at the Masquerade Ball!

This limited-time event features new content unlocking weekly including a major Battlegrounds update, new Tavern Brawls, Dual-Class Arena, and more!

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amazing, thank you@!

This is great :jack_o_lantern:

Do you guys see coming a new hunter bundle, similar to the mage bundle? I am hoping every class gets one, namely warlock.

I think it was said that every class is going to have this bundle

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F porque no puedo jugar arena porque no tengo algunos heroes a 10
esque al algunos que no me dan ganas de jugar
yo solo juego mago,sacerdote y cazador demonios

los demas no porque no me interesan :sweat: :pensive:

can you guys please bring back the haunted tree hero?

So to get the golden Transfer Student I need to do the Rexxar’s story, 1 battleground match and 1 arena?


I just got it, you also have to finish one battle in each of the solo adventures from Dalaran, tombs of terror, G’s awakening and Ashes, as well as one Bg, arena and Rexxar’s story! :smiley:


The golden transfer student cannot be disenchanted! I’ll tell you all, before you’ll get frustrated like me after completing the quest.

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I think I understand the quest. so 4+1+2… 7 games of …lets not tell everyone…
I think I did it all correctly. How will I know if I did it correctly?

Bugged hero portrait?

Just bought the new hunter skin and it seems to be bugged. Under the collection tab and deck loadout, it can be seen as selected, but when I get into a match, it's just the default skin shown.