You never know when it will be the last time

This won’t be your typical hearthstone post. It will be unique in a sense that I will never post something like this ever again as it’s a once in a lifetime type of situation, but the message is universal for everyone.

I got a call from my sister, we learned that my fathers house caught on fire and burnt to the ground and he lost his life. It took 60 firefighters and 7 hours to put out the fire. I guess one could say he went out in a blaze of glory.

Everyday we take so many things for granted. The fact that we are able to play this game, create posts about our gaming problems or what not without ever thinking about the millions of people around the world that will never have the ability to do what we are able to do.

We also take for granted that those we care about will be there the next today when everything seems to be okay in the present. Whether it’s a friend, a brother, a sister, a mother, father, whomever you may care about. Sometimes we are not afforded the chance to say goodbye.

So my message to everyone is to always try to end things on a good note with those who are with us today, for the friends and family members that make us smile, that cheer us up when we are down, who are there when we need someone to talk to.

Sometimes we fight, and may say things that we later regret. We are all human, we all deserve to be respected and treated with kindness regardless of our differences. Its natural to not always see things eye to eye, but always try to strive to end things on a good note, because you never know when it will be the last time you’re given the chance to make things right.

So if you read this message, make it a point to tell those you care about how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate them. And if you’re in a fight, tell them that you still care about them.

I appreciate everyone in this community that has engaged with my posts, shared their opinions, while at times we may not see eye to eye, I have been able to see things from various points of view. Without the level of engagement we would not have a community, and I am grateful to be here, and to be able to play this game.


Sorry for your loss and kudos to you for still spreading positivity to all.

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