Year of the Phoenix in Review

Year of the Phoenix in Review

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Interesting that Arena is slightly more popular than Tavern Brawl despite the entry fee and generally lower visibility in the client.

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Agreed. I’m very surprised by this. I’ve played just about every Tavern Brawl and have only played the free arena games that Blizzard gives out. I’m not a fan of the mode.

Most people play at least once a week to get the free pack, so it may not be an accurate representation of the player base predilection for the format but more of the effectiveness of small but consistent rewards in game. Note also that arena stats are matches played, not entries, each entry is going to be at least three matches, so again not a great way to compare formats.

What I find very interesting is there is no ranked information, (standard or wild) I was interested to see how this new ranking system was doing.

I see we are confirming everyone just plays battlegrounds because ranked is awful…


Arena is three matches minimum. Tavern Brawl is one-and-done for many people.

Battlegrounds is king:

So Ranked + Casual games = 489M-29M-27M-6M (DH) = 427M*10 (all classes) = 4270M matches, or 356-712 M players hours spent, barely even with Battlegrounds. Certainly, Ranked play is less hours spent than BG.

Your calculus is just awful. There is no mention of many hours or how many games are played in ranked or casual mode. The only mention is how many games was played with demon hunter. From that number you can extrapolate and say not 489M games but 350M for each other class and you get a total about 4000M games. Let’s say 10 minutes per game and is 40000M minutes / 60 = 665M hours.
So yea, battleground is played alot, but standard definitely doesn’t suck.

If my calculus is correct, the decline in ranked play might have something to do with DEMON HUNTER SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN…