With new patch, AI only going face

I play a lot of Kabolds. Its is like my solitaire boredom killer. I’ve noticed patch after patch the AI getting dumber over the years - It plays in a predictable pattern and I can tell when something has been altered. But it got worse today. Either my client is bugged or the last patch makes it border line unplayable. Unless forced, the AI will now go face at every given opportunity. The only time it will engage with your board is when it is playing cards that can’t go face.


Same issue with the Rastakhan single player game, also my boredom killer :wink: Its been happening since yesterday.


Thanks for the input! I tried witchwood also and seems to have the same problem. I guessing this is an ai issue throughout hearthstone.

Dear Blizzard, if you read these forums, this makes the single player experience comically easy. This aggression will not stand, man. Please fix, thxs.

But… ‘Everybody knows that the face is the place’? :grinning:

Sorry, I just had to brighten the mood a bit.

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I have noticed this too in the older solo content like Naxx and Blackrock since the last patch. It makes the solo content pretty much unplayable now.

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Just posting to say I’ve noticed the same issue. I enjoy going back to these old modes sometimes, but it’s sort of silly now with the AI only ever going face.

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Echoing this. I’ve been playing Kobolds & Catacombs Dungeon Runs for years. Since the last patch, the AI only goes face. This trivializes the game mode making it quite boring and dull.

Even if you have 80 Health with a 9/1 threatening lethal, the opponents 1/1 will go face instead of trading the 9/1.

It almost seems as if AI has been disabled - in a game mode that is enjoyed for its unforgiving difficulty and hard AI. Hope this can be confirmed as a bug and fixed.

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I’ve reported this to the bug report forum channel for visibility for the devs. I’m hoping we get a response on this soon.

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hopefully that helps. this forum is pretty slow. feel free to link this discussion if you want.

A couple of weeks later and still no changes. I love solo content and play it all, but I can take a general deck and fly through all previously challenging boss fights. Blizzard, please fix this. Heroic feels like I’m playing against the innkeeper, which is never what you want.

Same here for Dalaran Heist. Makes Hearthstone very boring.

Same issue observed here. All face. Sometimes even just to cast an available spell in inventory they’ll target friendlies. Broken.

come on blizz, we’re sick of this. do something about it

Yeah, I came back to the game after like 2 years and started playing solo content. I was curious if i were the only one who noticed it.

And it’s not only about going face. The AI plays worse overall. It throws offensive spells (like deal x damage) at ther minions, casts coins for no reason and prefers cards over it;s OP hero power.

My favorite moment was when I killed last boss of dalaran heist on turn 5 by using Paladin death knight hero power 4 times while AI ignored my minions

yay, it appears to be fixed with recent update today :slight_smile:


Still a little bit of jank going on with some solo adventure bosses. Linzi Redgrin in Dalaran Heist stabs her own minions or even face, and Commander Bolan still seems to be broken, just spamming quests making it almost impossible to keep the turtle escort minion alive. I think at least the Linzi bug might be related to the face-only bug in solo adventures?