Wild balance to make it fair for all classes

You need to make some balances in wild or there won’t be a game left dew process. Senace neptune. Curses. Extra infinate turns. Turn 3 its over and you sit on your butt and don’t balance anything while 1 class can cheat there whole deck while another class can’t do anything till turn 5 because you don’t consider how a class can cheat mana i mean druid can switch a weapon and get ten mana come on


switching weapons isnt that easy the class doesnt have that many weapons or tuttors for them

Im just saying its not the point of calling out the druid class but wild is apart of this game and if you want people to stick around stop playing with yourselves and find a balance people quit games for watching and not interacting with other players

Wild with a decent/high MMR is unplayable for me.
Low MMR or casual is the best mode in the game, where I have a lot of fun.

If you have issues with the meta, I suggest you to stop playing ladder till your MMR gets lower; play casual in the meantime (don’t abuse top decks or you will see top decks as well. I use “trash” decks and I see other “trash” decks all the time)

Its not that ive been playing wild for years i just hit diamond and get stuck with ppl playing with themselves everytime i come close to legend im just again saying each class should be equal and its not

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This will never happen in standard, so forget it in wild.
Wild is known to be the playground of broken interactions; usually the worse offender are warlock, mage and druid, which are periodically nerfed.

If you are at diamond 5 and you want to get to legend, try to understand the meta and join it.
It isn’t impossible to get there with a homebrew (I did it), but you still need to adjust your deck for what you are seeing the most.

Don’t expect the game or meta to change so you can reach legend with your deck, change instead your deck

Could you explain this a little bit more? Because the top decks are too toxic?

I am speaking of the UiS meta, when I had a high MMR.
It was unplayable because the top decks were just too fast and I don’t like games that are over in 5 turns.
They were also incredibly polarized and hard to counter: quest warlock, quest hunter and quest warrior. After the quest warlock ban (and the untouched hunter/warrior) they only removed 1 of the top decks, making the meta even less varied; so I left.

In casual I can play against a mage that has the uldum quest and chtun, which is on pair on what I play, like a 40 cards highlander hunter with zuljin.
Trying to play these decks in high ladder was impossible and not fun at all (losing 100% of the time isn’t fun).

It’s not about toxicity (not every time at least, questlines were probably toxic), it’s about these decks being too good compared to what I like to play, so I don’t bother

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If I play another stupid Edwin Rogue in casual/ranked I’m going to rage. Does Rogue play anything else in wild??

defending the indefensible, be ashamed to consider yourself a human being.

They need to change golden portraits to any win except just ranked.

Wild balance = an oxymoron :sweat_smile: