Why isn't druid trash getting an "emergency nerf"?

I mean if the snek is getting the wrek, why isn’t the biggest cancer, maybe on par with paladins getting the same treatment? After a few days I went back to play to see what happened to poor snake. All I get on ladder is cancer druid which is a ridiculously broken deck, yet somehow I don’t see the noobie death squad crying for a nerf and blizzard posting reassuring statements on twitter about emergency fixing such cancer.


Because druid doesn’t have a card that reduces your maximum health for the rest of the game which ignores armor, divine shield, effects that make your hero take no more than one damage or immunities.


For which you have to play a trillion trash cards, that are essentially 4/5 yetis…

Instead, druid has 0 mana dragons, dragons that deal damage on board and cost essentially nothing while having great stats, dragons that give unlimited dragons, 9 mana lifesteal rush dragons that originally cost 9 mana but for this druid is 0 mana, cards that make you reach your unlimited 8/8 dragon card when your opponent is still struggling to coin out his renamed yeti.

So yeah, druids are struggling.


uh the dragon that deal damage doesnt cost 0 you are confusing the taunt with the other one

I agree the Druid deck is annoying. I’m almost to the point I’d like to auto-concede when I see one.

not everyone wants to play druid, just like not everyone wants to play warlock … some people want to figure out a way to beat front-runner decks or otherwise play more “honest” decks than play what seems to be exploitative or broken … and there’s a large enough player base (and bots) for you to be lucky enough not to get stuck up against broken or exploitative bs every game … so thank rngesus but don’t think there aren’t design/balance problems just because you aren’t running into them every game

Druid I see aggro treant druid, Highlander control druid and the tavern brawl deck druid.

Yes I see a lot of druids but its multiple decks, The issue is what to nerf, treant druid has almost nothing in common with highlander druid.I think the meta will switch to aggro pally pretty fast as I think that beats most druids.

my guess is the op is referring to dragon druid, but i could be wrong … it’s what i’d complain about (and, in fact, i do) … i’m also not happy with dew process in wild, but i’m assuming this is a complaint about standard

I am not even sure what card it is but the one card were they summon a bunch of taunt high health minions is annoying. I try to time it with the dragon that resets the board but they almost always have another card to just drop them again. Doesnt seem as overpowered as the lock snake was but def annoying as it seems like an I win card

Whatever. I play combo DH and it is pretty devestating that all trash moves by the opponent are compensated by a free 4/12 lifesteal rush card and 5-6 dragon golems for essentially nothing for the stats. All they have to do is “have dragons”. So basically to make your cards op, you just have to hoard other op cards in your deck that make eachother super op. Makes sense, right? Balanced, right? No, not really, but somehow it does make sense to blizzard.

Everyone but the art team on heartstone is incompetent and or lazy…

dragon druid, which is pretty close to the tavern brawl deck, it can both lose to the treant druid on turn 6 and get board wiped and out drawn by the highlander control druid.

They start as 3/4.

so they played 1 of 2 boost battlecry cards by 1/1 and 1 of 2 boost cards in hand by 1/1,
so they had more then"just dragons"

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With Snake getting Nerfed (and btw, you can still do 3 snakes in one turn with Thad), other nerfs should have happened such as below REGARDLESS of the “steal” because in the end it’s still the same. The only difference is the life is gone forever. Blizzard was stupid (respectfully) for making the bandaid nerf solution of making the cost of the snake be 6 mana. Realistically, they should have just made the snake have lifesteal. Then it would be purely on par.

However; yes, the golem dragon needs to get nerfed by adding a limit of the dragons or making the card 2/3 with taunt.

Hunters doing “excessive damage” to a minion to the face… that needs to stop since it’s too easy to exploit without any realistic means to react to that much damage coming which is basically the same argument people used for the snake nerf.

The warlock snake still works if you’re creative enough with your deck, but it still has its struggles and weaknesses. Hopefully the balance patch will address the other classes.

Reno… really needs to get nerfed or adjusted. it’s stupid when you can play Sargeras, but you can’t get his void out so he’s worthless. So either Sargeras needs to get changed or Reno needs to ignore those kind of things on the board. Either way, Reno should still be applied to both players having a max of one minion on each side. Maybe they play Reno, and it’s treated like a brawl and both players keep their highest attack (or cost?) mininion on the board or just let each player choose which to keep. Then it’ll be a real “high noon” duel.

then the highlander restriction should be removed too
whats the point of not having duplicates if my board gets cleared too

They stated they don’t like do any nerfs until the meta settles and are restricted in a hot fix why snake got a temporary debuff for the time being.

All they need is to have a hand of dragons and they can easily, more than 3 times, get a board full of 3/4 taunts. Gimme a break.

No it doesn’t sound as OP as lock snake, bc it is way more broken than snakelock. Excavate warlock HAD one win con(maybe two if you count opponent not able to counter sargeras, in super late game) and that is snake. snake lock is countered by various things that were popular meta in titans. Renethal in general, lazy rats, many things priest has, that dude that switches cards from your hand, any kind of sticky aggro, which is pretty much all.

Basically warlock got beaten by all aggro, hand manipulation, and big health pools like renethal and blood dk, while providing some counter to other control decks, still losing to druid most of the time. To play snake 3 times, your enemy had to do nothing for two turns. If they developed a board, they mostly could just bash your face in before you can knock them out, even control decks.

So while warlock being powerful, it had many counters, while on the other hand druid has no counters, hence why ~70% of the decks, at least in diamond, are dragon druids. The other 30% are mostly brokentrash paladin, which is about as broken as the druid, except they were broken before the expac too.

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Why let’s think about this. Oh right. For Game Balance so your opponent or yourself (If Reno’d) can actually react instead of taking 30/whatever damage b/c your minions didn’t get cleared up in addition to your opponents.

But hey, enjoy your dream world while you can. Reno would still be good if it cleared the whole board for both players and let whoever did it be the first to summon a minion. That’s the point of control. Your opponent may put up one minion aftert your Reno, but you have tempo. At the very least, it should not remove locations so the warlock that just got Reno’d can use Sargeras’ To the Void ability.

Try to not be so close minded. Everybody should know Reno is stupid OP, just like a few other classes, but since this is the focus of Warlock, I’ll leave it here. Here’s looking forward when the balance patch comes out.