Why is Brann 90% of my games on the bottom of my deck?

Seriously it is ALWAYS on or near the bottom in 90% of my games… This is literally statistacally impossible.

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Because he is short and struggles to reach places.


Nothing is a long as the odds are not exactly 0

If you play with a tracker you can actually verify that by checking your replays.
Need to categorize what “near the bottom” means though because the 16th card is already on the lower half of your deck

Sounds like my relationship with Sif while facing Warrior.

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Do you always mulligan for him?

If so, then he should be in your opening hand at least 20% of the time.

I have the same issue with Helya but it’s w/e.

This is daily struggle for me also why I craft decks that doesn’t depend on drawing specific cards too much.

Last time I tried to experiment with Nemsy I played around 10 games 8 times out of 10 I draw all demons before I could draw nemsy.

The game is rigged by the AI. Cards that are considered too powerful when synched with your build, they will be withheld.
I have played since the game came out.
Every time a make my own deck after thinking about what would work and not one of the decks you get off the interwebs.
Well the AI does not know exactly how you are winning because it never encountered that deck before, so you might win 20 games in a row or just a lot of games, after a while the algo figures out how you are winning and will withhold key cards to break the synergy.
So once the algo figures it out little by little you will go from winning 20 in row to losing 30 in a row. tee hee

I’ve only seen bran at the bottome of someone’s warrior deck once. Most other times it’s either coined on 5 or played on 6 and on the rare occasions 7-8 at worst.

But I understand where you are coming from.

It’s like when I play the DH deck, I don’t mind losing to a DH, it would just be nice that when I play the deck to be given the same demon options that my opponents seem to always get. :slight_smile:

Don’t let it get you down.

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Always remember, Hearstone is a business and money comes first and foremost!

The Hearstone AI intentionally makes you struggle by separating your combination cards for as long as possible to keep you from winning. The strategy is to make you think your deck is a terrible build and you need to “purchase” new cards to make it better! This is very good for Heartstone $$$ and bad for you of course. Alway keep in mind that you are playing the Heartstone AI 97% of the time, to insure game losses and drive sales of new cards. Also keep in mind the Hearstone AI can use any card at anytime it chooses.

The Heartstone AI also knows what cards are in hand and deck. The Hearstone AI also controls what card you will draw next, unless specified, “draw highest cost spell”, and you have one spell higher than the rest.

The only free will or control that you have in the Heartstone game, is to play one of the up to 10 cards in your hand (prior to hand size limit increase cards). Like I previously stated, the Heastone AI knows exactly what cards are in your hand and it can play any card to counter any card you select to play.

The intelligent thing to do when playing the Heartstone game is to use it to pass time, but never get too invested in this game. Also, never spend money to purchase new cards, because that’s how they win and that’s the purpose of the Hearstone game, generate sales $$$. Play the game, save your coins, then use them to buy new cards or sell cards from classes that you don’t play. Never invest real money in this game.


There are the usual people on here that will swear the game uses a simple MS-DOS rng program to shuffle your cards before each game without peaking at them and they stay that way the entire game.
They truly believe that it does not curate each card you or your opponent recieves.
They also believe a simple MS-DOS program picks two players out of a hat without looking at their decks and matches people up that way.
They swear there is no curating.
As soon as you admit there is curating, you have to admit it is rigged.
So they stand by a simple MS-DOS program runs the game and the rest of the coding is for animations.
They truly believe if there were no animations, the entire game would be 20 lines of MS-DOS.

actually being on the bottom isn’t all that bad for warrior all the times because you can get it with dredge effects/sir mcfinnley

Of course there is curating – it matches you only against other players with a similar win rate. That is obviously a kind of curation.

Do you have any proof of that? They don’t even show you what level people are anymore that you play.
Madam… why did they remove that?