Why do you hate warrior? Blizzard!

I do not understand. Even if the other new cards were excellent, the three cards just presented are too slow. So until round 6 warrior still sucks. 2 mana for 2 armor and 2 attack is really useless. 6 mana for two small minions is equally useless. Maybe 1 and 5 mana respectively would be decent.
I don’t know about the legendary. It could be interesting. Could you please listen to the community and upgrade those cards that everyone considers useless cards?

You are always in time to nerf something. But if you keep showing cards that are useless for warrior, all warrior players will leave the game. Me too.

I’m hoping the new warrior cards up their power level a bit in the standard meta, but it’s hard to be sure until the new cards are being played. I like some warrior archetypes, but it’s one of my least played classes, and the recent poor performance of warrior was pretty disappointing and discouraging.

Have you ever played warrior in Classic? It’s a stale meta, but I love classic warrior so i think it’s fun to play that sometimes

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