Why do people say we have bots in this game?

As a newbie, I’ve read a few times that people claim that there are bots in the game. Why would anyone use bots in this game? Can they sell the accounts for a decent amount of money or what? how can i notice is someone a bot or not?

Really? Blizzard uses their OWN bots in the lower tiers.

Other people use bots to farm games so they can get exp and money so they can get massive attempts at Arena.

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Repeating a bit the previous message but :

  • Blizzard themselves
    • only during apprentice mode now if I’m not wrong. They used to have bots in low ranks but not anymore.
    • Their goal is to shorten the wait time, and give weaker opponents for beginners struggling
    • I haven’t seen much of these bots but you can often recognize them because they won’t show in the friend list as recently fought opponents (not to be confused with players having the anonymity option ON, they will be named “Your opponent” and won’t show either)
  • Players
    • In the past there were players botting in ranked to climb by spamming decks with just enough winrate so it will compensate the flaws of a bot
    • Now it’s mostly accounts that just farm gold to buy arena tickets and draft a good deck. The account is then sold to other players that just want to crush arena with good decks, mostly streamers (just repeating what has been told on the forum, I haven’t fact checked that)
    • I’ve seen some of them and it’s fairly easy to spot them early on
      • Default hero skin
      • Name is almost always a color + an animal (or close enough)
      • A lot of basic decks full of core set cards
      • Aggro oriented
      • A mechanical timing between each action
      • If they end their turn, and you have lethal on board, they concede as soon as you draw your card
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wow, i didnt know blizzard themself use bots. thank you both for your help. and and a big thank you for your detailed post derkan.