Why do not more ppl play arena

arena very fun game mode why no many player plays it? this makes me sad because its favorite game mode and if its not everyone else favorite mode i left alone with just me being favorite mode :frowning: :triumph:

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I usually play arena during the first month or two after a set is released. After I complete the set it feels like I’m throwing gold away because every pack is just dust.

If they wanted to make me play it more they could give like, a pack voucher redeemable for 1 of any pack.

Because they still do not let you play it without gold like every other mode they’ve added.

I would be playing casual draft plenty.

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I don’t play it because I like to make my decks with my synergy and cards.

On top of that, I usually lose good when playing it (not really “lose”, since I use free tickets, but they would result in a loss if I had paid)

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Because drafting is BS.

Most of my experience is me having amazing(or at least, relatively amazing) synergy because I got lucky with the initial draft and consequently smashing my opponent. Or vice-versa.

I don’t play Arena because I don’t find the value it provides warrants spending gold or money on it. If on the other hand there was no cost tied to playing that mode and still offered some type of reward for playing it, then sure, but it’s a designed to suck up all your gold and shrink your wallet for those who actually pay for that mode. You’re better off using the gold on actual card packs in my opinion.

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no one like gambling their money for maybe 1 card pack and 5 gold or dust (or 1 card) really not fun or really rewarding less you get a strike or Insane luck on your deck building

arena is plagued by the exact problem that the devs factually stated they wanted to diminish by the pooling and rotation changes they thought were good ideas.

look at arena, or go play one, and you’ll get offered some OP neutrals that you choose almost instantly. 4 cost 5/6 or w/e it is, is one of them.

see these op netuals are OP bc there isn’t synergy on the class card side of things like we have in constructed.

So, their way to make decks different and not the same neutrals into one another is to get synergy a possibility in arena. to do that, you have to have more than one copy of a build around, and ideally early in the draft, to reliably build around it. also, you need draw / tutor that does not cost too much tempo.

like having 2 jeeves f/e means nothing w/o a way to draw into them.
you’d need two trackings f/e at minimum if it were hunter going 2 jeeves.

also, the rotation is just bad bc for example the legendary offerings are super polarized like ysera new is just so OP and so its almost always winning the choice.

w/o rotation there would be a lot more competition making the draft more fun, harder, and, your deck less predictible.

so the reason we don’t like arena is first and foremost pooling and rotation, and then secondary to taht they should offer build arounds more often so you have a pretty good chance of doubling up on any one you get offered. and, into some form of draw tutor for each class taht doesn’t cost tempo or at least that classes best possible draw card should be offered often. otherwise, arena is just the same neutrals into each other, with the aoe classes dominating bc the aggro classes aren’t fast enough w/o class synergy. legendary choices are just too simply bc rotation shrunk the competition for things like ysera.

they basically took arena in the wrong direction years ago, it was better off then than now, but could be even betterif they’d reverse all these things. they wanteed to get away from stat snowball…and…what we have today is stat snowball with less class synergy than before bc its all pooled so you can’t get multiple showings of good class cards.

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It’s just not that interesting.

As someone who has been around since pre-release, I can honestly say that Arena is boring. I would rather use my tickets for Duels. The format has grown with all the sets as they come out, but has not evolved or brought anything that encourages you to play. The deck building/drafting system is defective. The reward system has needed a revamp for years. Once you have a set, those packs are a waste of time to chase. And, unless you regularly have a high win% in Arena, you take a loss if you pay gold to do them. We already have many other 1v1 formats. Arena, in its current iteration, shoulda been put to pasture long ago.

I play BG’s mostly. I have a group of friends and family that I group up with for BG’s. The perks pass for 650 gold is cool. My collection is large, but I prefer BG’s since others I play with don’t have the same access to cards and BG’s don’t need you to own them.

That, or we do round robin in the TB when it’s something fun.

yeah hearthstone players in general are getting better because only the hardcore fans are left, therefor arena is sure to be hard with mainly only veteran arena players in the mix.

It’s not my cup of tea, never been. I like the idea, building a deck with limited options, finding strange synergies (or the lack of). But then… I am not sure why I don’t like PLAYING it, the same with duels. The moment, the deck is ready, I lose interest. The most fun I had, was when I threw a dice, every time I had to pick. Sure the deck was even worse, then everything I created (and I am not good) but that was fun to play

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this is because we are drafters we love the drafting phase making our decks as optimal as possible with the chance of it being extremely good or piss-poor or average i just love the drafting phase as well, though i do also like sitting down and getting the games in to see where i can improve on my next draft. MTG arena is really really really into drafting , if you want to check it out its a great game standard modes drafts modes and the drafts are much more complex and fun to do. cheers man have a good day and i hope everyone else reading this does as well <3 peace love and forgivness

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Just make all the gold you earn round like 30…40…500…1000 and i play.

I really haye to get 5.

Then stop playing to have a 34505 forever…cant stand that 5 in the end.

Only reason i hate arena. That stupid 5 .

I’d much rather play Duels than Arena. There’s still a drafting element to Duels, but it’s in addition to the deck you bring to the table. That way you can actually plan some synergies and draft new cards to further support those synergies. An almost completely random deck has virtually zero appeal to me.

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That’s a huge reason why I enjoy duels so much more.

Sure, your opponent might have some stupid synergy or really good cards. But at the very least, you’ll have that too, to some degree. And if you experience a deck issue like having not enough draw, its at least much more your fault.

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