Why can't i switch from casual mode to standard mode?

How to solve this bug please


Please, if you have not been able to solve it, contact me, we must unite to demand that blizzard fix this and in turn that more people know the problem and support us. We must also demand compensation from the company for all days of inactivity in classified standard mode.

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Dudes, I have the same problem, I can’t play wild.

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I’m having the same issue here.

When will there be an update on this problem?

They are not fixing anything, these reports are useless and they do not take us seriously


It seems like a lot of people are being locked out of a significant portion of the game. Hopefully, an employee will at least acknowledge this soon.

same here. it happened just after patch of stormwind. So terrible bug i ever experience.

A fix is included in the upcoming 21.0 patch that should restore the format switcher button for affected players. This should allow those players to once again switch between Standard and Casual. After the fix is deployed, there is a known issue where the Wild format might continue to be unavailable to some players – we’re investigating this and will provide an update once we have a solution.

Okay, we appreciate that you are aware of the problem and looking for a solution, but in turn all affected players expect a compensation from the game, we having lost an entire season without being able to play classified mode and in turn lose experience, future rewards(chests) and fire festival. We hope that we will confirm a good compensation from Blizzard

I thinks so too. I can’t play rank mode. Just can play casual in my case. I can’t finish fire festival quest and can’t receive rank rewards in america server. I need some desirable compensations about lost my full 1month.

Need some desirable compensations after fix. I just can play casual can’t play rank mode in america server because of this terrible bug. My whole month rank reward and fire festival quest reward is gone. These lost is surpass more than 11 card pack. I expect good result about it as a person who loving hearthstone and blizzard.

Day 19 … and I just have a question, what will be the compensation?, or they just ignore us and won’t care

I’m now able to switch between formats, but the only cards available in the shop are standard. And it seems like the collection also isn’t working properly when trying to interact with non-standard cards.

What compensation you received?

There are no any compensations.

The button has now returned because of patch 21.0, but I’ve noticed that the symbol doesn’t actually change when I switch out of standard. The other modes do appear to be playable now for me. Wild packs and classic packs are still absent from the store and there are many classic cards that I’m not able to craft or add to a classic deck. I came back to hearthstone and made this account specifically to play classic mode. Does anyone have any idea when I’ll be able to actually start playing?

Good news. I seem to have corrected my issue by clearing the first part of The Frozen Throne and then closing and reopening the game. These bugs still need addressing though.

Don’t have the exactly same problem. Rarely when I play standard, it switches me to wild mode. Kinda weird.

we need a compensation