Why bother buying new packs when you only play vs bots?

I have 32 wins in a row. THIRY TWO. This was when I was bronze. 99% of the matches have been against bots all playing slight variations of the same exact deck, playing exactly in the same straight to your face style.

What is the point of buying new cards if every month when my rank is reset, 99% of my matches are versus bots?

Sure the first few days of every rank reset has more players because diamond+ has far fewer bots but I typically don’t get to diamond because i just don’t have the time to play that much.

There’s literally no point in buying new cards so i can destroy bots with new cards??? Is that blizzards angle here? Buy new packs to play vs new bots?

I’ve been around since this game has released, never has the botting situation been this bad. I have zero desire to play standard at all anymore because of these bots (who also take for-freaking-ever to take their turn).

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in fact the hs project is failing and microsoft is firing people en masse

I posted about this a couple days back. Immediately people jumped in to tell me I was imagining things, bots dont exist. Then that post mysteriously got removed yesterday… XD


It’s because certain defenders that have A LOT of sway here and their little followers follow suit.

What was your star multiplier at the start of the month?

None of the users have any “sway” here. No-one at Blizzard even bothers to read the posts, let alone comment on them, much less act on them. Please correct me if I’m wrong, should anyone from Blizzard be reading this :slight_smile:

When anyone from Blizzard posts anything here, its a post-and-run announcement that they are “cracking down on bots” or something. They don’t even bother to reply to their own topics.

I’m not talking about Activision themselves. But if you believe that the defenders don’t have sway here, go make an argument with one (using logic and evidence) and see if you’re not given a 24-48 hour “vacation” or even longer. :joy:

Even better, go state your opinion that contradicts them.

Bronze is a joke to the average skill of the game; you have to go at least Diamond 10 to start seeing good skill; you have to go at least Diamond 4 to start seeing high skill.

Also there’s the effect that the player base is just too old; tons of people with most of the cards; tons of people being able to make the most meta decks.

And there’s experience on top; the result: below diamond 10 people don’t even exist much: normally it would even out but they have star bonuses.

[Star bonuses(and rank bottoms/floors) can be expanded since it’s both a serious and an esoteric factor here: step 1) star bonuses and win streak bonuses make you advance faster[and rank bottoms don’t even let you drop] step 2) even if you have a win rate lower than 50% you still advance with them (!) and step 3) it’s almost impossible to not go up to D10 or even D5 with them[bonuses and rank floors] given enough time]

[PS if you ask me star bonuses AND RANK FLOORS should not exist to make the ranks more meaningful; it would drop people to their real skill; we’d know better than way what skill someone has from their rank[AND AS A BONUS it would also SOLVE YOUR ISSUE of bots or other nonsense on very low ranks].

this forum is full of people with several alts

some just copy paste the same post all over the forum

for posts from blizzard is reddit is way better

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I won’t say that no one denied botting, but only people who are haven’t actually played the game recently will act as if botting isn’t rampant. So no, you’re not going to have “defenders” flag a post because it mentions botting.


…yeah, I think Bling doesn’t actually listen to people and just calls them names if they disagree with anything. I have confidence that the post was removed not because of its subject matter but because Bling was misbehaving.

Lastly, a lot of these tinfoil hatters you’re speaking about insist that bots are Blizzard controlled and designed to make them lose (as if you could lose to these terrible bot decks :rofl: ). This OP is saying that they do nothing but win against bots (CORRECT) and that it is not a Blizzard controlled manipulation to make them buy packs (also CORRECT). So it’s not even counter to the defender narrative, it counter to the tinfoil narrative.

Seems like blizzards temporary solution to the lack of players has been to flood standard with …more bots…but at least these ones won’t rope you!

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Still the word of the month, if not year!

It’s been almost a month. The bots have improved. There are even more of them now. They’ve now climbed into literal legend. You have bots in legend blizz. GG.

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Also what is the point of putting in money into a game where you can be banned due to their faulty detection system? Also HS is on its last legs so any money put into the game will be a huge loss later when they fold up shop.


spending money doesnt make you inmune to being banned is common sense

I heard people concede against bots intentionally