When will you nerf Warrior Brann?

I hope we dont have to wait 2 years to a nerf to this card.


You want a Nerf? First you need to nerf the aggro decks.

Yes you have to Nerf the war and definitely ban the wars that play Bomboss Tho’grun, come and destroy cards in hand and opponent’s deck remains a cheat, how do you want to balance a game if one plays 30 or 40 cards and the other 18 cards because of Bomboss (it’s impossible).

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Yeah, the card is clearly broken, as well as a few other cards, like that snake thing… The current meta is toxic as hell, and I really, honestly, think we/I need to walk away…

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6 * 3 = 18 burned

so 12 left

It’s ridiculous

I mean, it’s normal there are decks which fully counter yours - some decks counter that deck, undoubtedly. But what truly bothers me is that I can never know until the game is almost over if they run that card or not (Boombot).

If I knew, I’d insta concede and save myself 20+ min for which time I could easily compensate the lost points.

But no, there’s always the possibility they run the classic version of brann warrior without boombot, and that matchup is winnable for pally.

So you basically play 50% of games against 2 almost the same versions of Warrior, every game lasting 20+ min and you win only 50%.

Change decks? Sure, that could help. But it’s not my cup of tea.

And it’s kinda dumb that whenever I see a warrior I know I’m in for a 20+ min matchup. Whatever happened to aggro warriors? One would expect that Odyn would serve such decks well as a finisher. Doesn’t have to be full aggro, aggro-control is fine.


You have 12 cards destroyed afterward you also have 6 board creatures destroyed, when I said 12 I was talking about 12 cards destroyed after that I didn’t talk about the 6 board creatures destroyed.

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Why not? It happens to me all the time xD I legit get 18 cards burned almost every single time. What do I do with all those minions knowing they’re gonna get burned from hand? I have to play them. You can’t hide them.

For me a creature is no longer a card (since you don’t have it in your hand or in the deck).

First time I like your nerf post… this card is a piece of OP trash…
Who the hell didn’t realize it’s a bad idea to create such card for warrior… mainly until Astalor is in standard… this is one of the biggest mistake the delelopers ever did… :roll_eyes: :angry: :angry:

give them money and maybe they will think about it aka never.

Brann Warrior are not OP at all…
You just have to play any counter deck :

  • DK to add duplicates in his deck
  • any OP deck like warlock or paladin (except if it’s armor warrior version)

On the contrary, warlock is completely OP and must be nerfed asap.

Not 2. 4 or never.

20 characters.

50% against one class sounds pretty good to me.

I hate it when people recommend playing DK or some other meta class just to deal with one toxic card. The fact is Brann has and will impede card design for as long as he’s in the Standard rotation. Having your Battlecries trigger twice for the rest of the game just by playing a single minion is stupidly good, and no amount of copium will change the fact that Brann will continue to hurt the format until he eventually rotates.

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The only thing it’ll hurt are the poor bastards who play it cuz they think it’s too stronk

When you factor in cards like Odyn and Astalor, it is. Let’s face it, Team 5 will have to severely neuter future Warrior and neutral Battlecry cards simply because they made the boneheaded decision to rerelease a card like Brann into the Standard format. They’ve designed themselves into a corner in their attempt to sell packs and overpriced Diamond bundles.

Originally I did not have issue with warrior brand, but with the recent nerfs it feels pretty warrior dominate. My issue is no with brand but really with the relation of brand with Oden and the amount of armor they get as a result. I feels like swimming up a water fall.

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As soon as you start posting anything but “WHEN ARE THEY NERFING THE LAST THING I LOST TO???”

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Just concede instantly against warrior. Enough people do this enough times and they will get the memo.