When will you nerf Mill Rouge?

Just nerf it already. Nerf Gang Up and Togwaggle Scheme. Nerf Coldlight Oracle again and again like you did with Reno. Nerf Shadowstep and Preparation and Sap and Vanish. Do not let Coldlight Oracle be played 12-14 times.

Just stop with it. Nerf this asap.

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Did mill rogue even run splish splash?

No they run Banana cards and Watch posts and Nerubian Battlecry Screwer and Deathlord and things like that

I play it in wild with jade golem as a second win condition.

This is literally the most “I’m trying to kill myself” strat there is. Run exactly 1 explodineer and they’ll never wanna fight you again

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No one runs Explodineer even if they did how is Rouge supposed to draw bomb when their deck is 20 Coldlight Oracles and your deck is already all burned and you are fatigue?