When will you nerf Mill Druid?

Just nerf it already. Nerf Jade Golem card. Nerf Dew Process again and over again like you did with Reno. Nerf Solar Eclipse. Do not let Dew process be cast 2-3-4 times.

Just stop with it. Nerf this asap.

Druid just got nerfed into the dirt. The class is now unplayable and lacks identity.

I’m talking about the removal of ramp. Druid NEEDS ramp to be competitive - without it, the class just feels super weak.

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Did mill druid even run splish-splash?

I’m not certain, but I believe that it did.

I don’t know myself, truth be told. If it did, then you may have a valid point here regarding Druid being significantly weakened across the board.

Though honestly, I think class-specific ramp is a problem since Hearthstone very specifically is set up with well defined expectations on mana starts, caps, and gains. Maybe druid is weak enough without ramp that it needs something else, I’m not sure. But I don’t feel like ramp being a “druid only” thing is healthy for the game.

I agree these Milly decks must go