When will you nerf Linecracker and earthen scales?

Just nerf this OP Druid strat. Why do you let them gain 3k+ armor. Nerf Earthen scales then. Nerf Dew Process more. The last nerf wasnt enough. It should cost 6-8 mana not 4. Why do you let double it through Solar Eclipse?.

Just nerf something of all of this.


No don’t nerf it, as others will say “just use platebreaker” lol

But yeah I play this deck a lot (no guff though, he is for scrubs) and it is pretty stupid/broken but then again there are answers like dirty rat or Objection and stuff like that


If it’s a druid chances are people won’t even think to keep platebreaker in their starting hand (unless they were previously traumatized by the strat OP described once already)

Can i May have your Deck-Code?

I’ve played Linecracker Druid a Lot some years ago, and it was one of my all time Favorits.

Yeah sure there are many versions/variants and you can mix and match or use what you like or think works best at your disposal, like I said I do not use Guff (even if I wanted to or if he is better to use, which he probably is, I don’t have the card, and even if I did I wouldn’t play him anyway on principle of what it can accomplish with so much ease aka it’s lame/not cool) that being said, I think my list is a principled list for True Druids


Class: Druid

Format: Wild

2x (0) Aquatic Form

2x (1) Biology Project

1x (1) Funnel Cake

1x (1) Jade Idol

2x (1) Malfurion’s Gift

2x (1) Naturalize

2x (1) Nature Studies

1x (2) Chitinous Plating

2x (2) Earthen Scales

2x (2) Lifebinder’s Gift

2x (2) Moonlit Guidance

2x (2) Solar Eclipse

2x (3) BEEEES!!!

2x (3) Ferocious Howl

2x (3) Frost Lotus Seedling

2x (3) Imprisoned Satyr

2x (3) Pendant of Earth

1x (3) Prince Renathal

2x (4) Dew Process

1x (5) Emperor Thaurissan

1x (5) Summer Flowerchild

2x (6) Crystal Cluster

2x (7) Linecracker


I actually haven’t played it in awhile though been playing other decks, I was thinking of getting rid of one of the Pendant’s of Earth, maybe one of the Satyr’s as well. I found 2 Flowerchild was too much, but 2 is still worthy of consideration. Oh yeah and it’s Renathal ever since he was reverted, the extra HP can help vs rushdown before you get your stuff, and the deck is large and draws and stalls a lot anyway, without Renathal it can become more consistent but also more cramped and less ability to survive aggro. Either way works, it’s up to you. Hope this helps you, have fun!


Why are you even complaining about this combo?

This deck isn’t actually that good. There are other combo decks that are better/more popular.

I’ll admit, it can FEEL worse to lose to this combo, because the combo doesn’t actually kill you; it just lets you slowly die to fatigue while the druid sits behind a ton of armor.

Unless you’re saying that this deck is actually performing well in the meta?

do you kill linecracker ?
played vs several who make the mistake of letting it out alowing me to use it to buff my armor too

I auto concede vs mages

With how fast people be moving cards the moment they get their exoida combo in hand I’m now convinced everyone who uses this strat is a bot.

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