When does the mobile update drop


I’m on mobile and can still play. This is probably because I havent touched my desktop Hearthstone yesterday after the update.

That’s what seems to break things; updated account WITH Sn1p Sn4p on a mobile client that’s not ready for it…

I hope they release the mobile version soon. Until then; no touching the PC version for me as I primarily play mobile…


mobile update is turning to be a disaster for taking longer than it should


Same here there is no update on android yet i have a s7 edge no bugs etc Just nothing no patch at all


They have announced, in this thread, when the mobile patch will go live.

It sucks, but there’s not much we can do.


I also cant log on my mobile after update on pc :frowning:


From what I observe… If you log in to your PC first, then your account is flagged having the latest update. The mobile update is not up and running yet, quite possibly because of the bugs that were introduced with the latest patch. They probably want to get this fixed first before releasing update on mobile.

So if you have PC, don’t login into your PC if you still want to play on mobile.


same problem here.


What bugs? I’ve searched the forum, reddit, and the hearthstone blog - I find nothing about updates or bugs or anything. All I know is, the update isn’t available and Idk why. The last thing I read was it was supposed to happen yesterday…and this thread here.


Haven’t checked your backyard then


Probably because it started with arena and I moved on because I don’t play arena. Thank you.

Also, I’m not used to finding Hearthstone news on the forum…reddit is usually my go-to…once again, thank you!


quite a few actually. For example, playing any cards that would add lackeys to your hand did not add anything. There were also bugs with dalaran heist adventures; your deck all of sudden being flagged incomplete with missing cards (but all you have to do is just inspect the said deck, and it should auto fix)


YESSS…WTF please fix this…


BUMP! Please waiting on mobile update for andriod play store and amazon!


Should drop in a little more than an hour


I read 9 am Pacific time. So that would make it 11am mine and no update. I’m a little dissatisfied with how this update was handled.


Then write a strongly worded letter Karen.


They also said it would take an hour to roll out in that same update.

Here’s the most recent comment:


Don’t worry guys we’ll have it up later today

Mobile back up yayyy!!


Just updated on Android.


still no update on iPhone yet