What do you want nerfed? (Standard)

What do you want nerfed? How? Why?

(This is strictly hypothetical and for fun – please be civil!)

Every combo that allows a board to be built that demands whirlpool levels of removal that happen before turn 8.

Oh, and put curses back to trash tier


why u make a new Topic while im make a one likes 20 mins ago about the same, and u reply shortly in mine while still make this one ??? srsly

Because you don’t represent everyone else here. No offense. Many players here don’t routinely voice what they’d like nerfed, specifically, nor the reason(s) why. I’m trying to get a better idea of their views. I’m also trying to spark a conversation about the answers to my questions.

Maybe because they were looking for broader discussion while your thread is just instances of you going full psycho?

On topic: I don’t really see anything in major need of nerfs yet, personally. Mech Paladin annoys me depending on what deck I’m playing but isn’t super OP or anything.

How 'bout that Bubble Bot, huh? I think that’s the minion I have the biggest problem with in that deck, in terms of feels, anyway.


It’s a really strong card if your opponent doesn’t have ways to deal damage multiple times. Mech Paladin is pretty much the sole the reason I don’t play Quest Druid at the moment.

Playing Big Beast Hunter or Naga Mage or Dragon Paladin, the games can get pretty close and occasionally I just get run over but the majority of the time I’m the one finding lethal, not them.

playing as a class which dont have an instant AoE answer to a low cost minions spamm with buffed stats + in the next turns divine and taunt effects on it, is a literally GG, and even the puffer+poison combo as rogue wont help here, or when mage discovers mechs after mechs and makes second or third big board while systematically clearing ours

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Nerf Snowfall Guardian and buff a bunch of other Shaman cards to compensate. I simply don’t want the class to be “Snowfall Guardian and friends - the deck” for the rest of the year.


That would probably require a redesign of snowfall guardian so that parrots can’t continue the “your whole board is frozen” thing.

Shaman are almost certainly going to be a snowfall guardian + friends deck until next April.


+1 Shaman needs some love too, but the Freezing full board after another freezing (parrots) are very anyoing

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How would you possibly nerf Snowfall Guardian? I’m trying to think of a rewording, but can’t think of any. (I don’t believe the card needs to be nerfed. Shaman kinda sucks right now.)

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Because you are a :clown_face:

Asking for nerfs for cards that have been around since beta.

Shield Slam ? Brawl ?

And then you’re asking for rogue buffs because you are a rogue main. I can see the bias here.

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You really couldn’t fix that problem with a nerf. They would have to do something akin to a full redesign on it like “freeze target minion and gain it’s stats” to make it not a combo that every shaman deck for the next year gets pigeonholed into using.

Yes yes, we’re all aware that Rogue has some bad matchups.

Wait what ? Is it really possible for certain classes to have bad matchups ?

I don’t believe it… this is proof the game is unbalanced. Let’s hire Amphilyon as as a balance engineer, he’ll handle it.

I can’t think of a better candidate.

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Better idea:

Nerf all video game severs to be completely unplayable for one full week, forcing gamers to get some sun and touch grass for a bit and come back with perspective on life.


i think you are right with the op cards claims in the other thread Amphilyon.
but you shouldn’t write about buffs to rouge at the same time.

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You walk a dangerous path, young one.