Welcome to the Year of the Gryphon

Welcome to the Year of the Gryphon

We’re ready to share our roadmap and plans for the next Hearthstone year!

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what is the time of releasing the year of gryphon?


Hola perdon por molestar estoy tratanbdo de llegar al miniset de la expansion pasada y tengo 1130 de oro podre llegar antes de que la quiten porque me pase con las aventuras de naxxramas y montaña roca negra(no hay forma de conseguirlas con oro)

Saludos BlackMage

I would just like to ask what exactly it means by

"Golden Classic Card Pack just for logging in after the 20.0 patch has gone live!*

**Limit one per account.*"

I already have an unopened golden classic pack floating around… does that mean I won’t get this golden pack?

Old player returning here! Stopped playing around when Witchwood was released.
In the article, it states that, as of patch 20.0, returning players will receive 15 packs of recent expansions when the new standard year begins. Does this mean 15 of each expansion? And do I need to start playing again only when the new year begins to receive the packs? Worried that, if I start playing again now, I will lose on the packs later on the line.

No entendí lo de:

¡En la actualización 20.0 vamos a eliminar los combates contra Malfurion, Tyrande y Hakkar…

¿Cómo es eso?

Luckily, no. It means you will only get one free pack not multiple, just like everyone else. I hope that answered your question!

Would be nice if there was a mobile page, currently puts it in desktop view only.

Thank you. That is pretty much all I wanted to know.

im waiting a nerf for aggro rogue, its soo boring to aganist, the rogue play alone going face with the weapon and stleath minion, 0 interaction, i dont play only counter for it, i want to play funny decks but its imposible with that thing

they removed eviscerate from rogue when the set releases

What happens to original Malygos, Alex, Deathwing and Ysera? Are they moving to wild or being changed completely to the new cards?

Wild with the option of returning in future years to standard for 1 year just like all the wild cards.

I honestly doubt any of them will see standard play ever again though, in their original versions.

So should we be expecting to see the remaining 4 book of heroes storylines released before the Year of the Gryphon? Or will they be completed before the April 6th date for Book of Mercenaries?