Welcome Back Deck Issue - Not Given Full Deck/Legendaries

I started playing HS again in DEC and when I finished climbing in ranked thru apprentice levels, I was asked to choose a free deck. I chose mage hoping to get the 2 legendaries Zephyrs and Alex and I did not get the full deck. This happened back in DEC and I submitted a ticket but was told to post it here. Please help!

I do not see that Zephyrs nor Alexstrasza were offered in any new deck for new and returning players: Updated Free Deck for New and Returning Players (Nov 2020)

Update: Found that the two cards were previously offered in the Hunter deck: Updated Free Deck for New and Returning Players (Jul 2020)

Did you get a free deck that should include Zephrys and Alex but without those two cards? Or did you simply get a different free deck, that was complete but didn’t have those two cards?

Based on the link Fuschia provides, choosing the free mage deck at this time should not give you Alex and Zephrys. It should, however, give you a full deck (with other cards obviously).